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Solar and Lunar Returns: Many Exercises

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Translation and editing: Ciro Discepolo and Ram Ramakrishnan

a Giovanna e a Pino e a Mara e a Massimo

It is easier to break an atom than a prejudice Albert Einstein

The birth data of the people mentioned in this book proceed mainly from Lois M. Rodden’s database and from Ciro Discepolo’s archives. Other birth data are taken from web-based databases.
Astral maps and calculations are produced by the exceptionally precise astrological software Astral and Aladino (also referred to as Module for the Automatized Research of the Aimed Solar Returns ‘RSMA’).

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Table of Contents

01. Correspondence with Mr. Garba
02. Out of Africa?
03. An answer form Siberia...
04. Wahooo!
05. Sydney in Canada
06. Ivujivik, Quebec
07. A day of exhaustion but satisfaction
08. Welcome to our new friends from USA
09. Splendid Venus in the sixth House
10. An ASR or Milan is not possible
11. Saipan or San Francisco to avoidAscendant of SR in the first House of Natal Chart
12. Maceió Brazil
13. Sun conjunct the Descendent
14. No discount on Mileage
15. Cocos Islands
16. Active Astrology is true
17. Anchorage for AstroLogic
18. The Solar Arcs
19. Nuovo Trattato di Astrologia
20. Celestials in Natal Chart
21. Mars, Neptune and Uranus in eightHouse of Natal Chart
22. Sun in eight House of Natal Chart
23. No Abu Dhabi
24. Transits
25. ASR in Albuquerque, New Mexico
26. Solar Return Ascendant in the first, sixth or twelfth house
27. Pond Inlet for Lelle
28. Jupiter in the twelfth house of SR
29. ASR in Port Elizabeth
30. The birth hour rectification
31. The birth hour rectification (2)
32. Ascendant in 10th House of SR
33. Stellium in the Houses of SR
34. Selling real estate
35. Real estate and Solar Returns
36. Astrology and Fantasy
37. Transits (2)
38. Planets in the Solar Returns Chart
39. Planets in the Solar Returns Chart (2)
40. ASR in Australia
41. Welcome MariaDream
42. ASR Augusta ASR Miyako Jima
43. Welcome Sunflower
44. SR for Denver, Colorado
45. ASR in Sarben, Nebraska
46. Transit of Saturn in the seventh House
47. Welcome Chicker
48. The Lunar Returns to improve theSolar Returns
49. Lunar Returns for Jacksonville or for Rishiri?
50. The Solar Returns for Magadan and forPetropavlosk
51. Solar Returns for Hyderabad or for Nadym
52. Some Reflections on President Obama
53. Mata Hari's case
54. One of many cases that demonstrates itneeds to draw the SR chart for the place in wich you are at the moment of the SolarReturn
55. A case of kidnapping of a girl



This book has a collection excerpts from my blog (http://, where I have answered questions from foreign readers, since 2007.
My blog posts include suggestions for Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns for specific reader queries along reasons for suggesting them and analyses of consequent repurcussions on taking such a possible step.
A record of this manner of interaction provides a practical insight to all readers about the ways and means of using Active Astrology to further their interests regarding love, money, real estate transactions, education, etc., and guard against sickness and possible troubles in other realms of life.
The book deals only with practical cases that explain the technique of using astrology as a means to address your normal necessities and not with abstract theory.
I have also answered technical questions from readers about rules involved in the exercise, making the contents of this book a tutorial as well.
A large collection of Solar and Lunar Return charts are included as ready reference to easily understand the explantions in text.


Correspondence with Mr. Garba
July - December 2008

Mr. Garba:
Sir, I have read your book “Transits And Solar Returns” particularly thirty rules and found them to be quite interesting and highly innovative.
However, I would like to ask the following questions:

1. It is a fundamental principle of transits that whenever a transit occurs something may happen or may not happen at all. But in your thirty rules you seemed to suggest that whenever a transit occurs something must happen. Why?

2. You stated in your book that semi-sextile and quincunx transits are insignificant, but some writers like Arroyo hold a contrary view. I can confirm from personal experience that they are more potent than sextile and trine. Thus, why is your view in this regard against the norm? Finally, I wish to express my profound appreciation of your brilliant and pace-setting effort as contained in the book.
Yours sincerely

Ciro Discepolo:
Dear Mr. Garba,
thank you for your email that fortunately I received although it was considered “spam”. Unfortunately, I will find it difficult to answer the first part of your mail because I have published over 55 books on transits, Solar Returns and Predictive Astrology. It will be impossible to frame the essence of such exhaustive material into a single email. I am sorry.
To answer your second question, I will say that I consider Reinhold Ebertin the most important expert on the planetary aspects and, from 1970 to today, I have seen that his surmise on the subject has been almost invariably correct. I too subscribe to the views advocated by Ebertin and my observations on actual cases have validated this stand.
My next book, that will be in the stores in Italy next September, is titled “Lunar Returns and Earth Returns”. I have not found an English publisher for it yet…
Best regards and wishes,

July 8th 2008, Mr. Garba:
As regards the thirty rules contained in your book Transit and Solar Returns, I write to confirm to you that when my ascendant of the Solar Return (SR) was in my natal 11th house I was bereaved. The forecast was therefore accurate and sustainable.
However, I would like to ask if I would have avoided the bereavement if I had a suitable ASR.
In the same vien I would want to know how many days or weeks are suitable for an ASR.
Yours sincerely,

Ciro Discepolo:
Dear Mr. Garba,
We connot avoid the death of our relatives moving the Ascendant of our Solar Return from 11 to another House. This and other important concepts form the subject matter of my next book “Lunar Returns and Earth Returns”.
Do you know an English publisher interested to publish my book? I am in Oceania and will return July 21st; please contact me after this date.
Best regards.
Ciro Discepolo

September 8th 2008, Mr. Garba:
Sorry to bother you with so many questions. It is just because I find your book “Transits and Solar Return”quite irresistible. Permit me to ask the following questions:­

1. Regarding rule 27 on triple and simple transits, it is stated in many books that the transit of Saturn lasts around one year. Does that apply when it is in a simple transit?

2. What would be the astrological effect when one is involved in a litigation, regardless of the merit of the case, and a transisting Neptune is in one’s natal 7th house and opposing natal Jupiter?

3. May I know when your Italian book on lunar return would
be on sale? Yours sincerely

Ciro Discepolo:
Dear Mr. Garba,
I consider the simple direct transit of Saturn about + or – 2° (before and after the planet that is receiving the aspect).
I think that in a such a situation the effect that it induces in the native is that of great fear and which need not necessarily lead to the anticipated damage.
My next book on Lunar and Earth Returns will be in the bookstores by the 25th of September, but in the Italian language.
Best regards, Ciro Discepolo

December 16th, Mr. Garba:
Dear Sir,
The following represented my solar return for the period



April 1992 - April 1993:-
Sun in the 12th house
Moon in the 4th house
Mercury in the 12th house
Venus in the 12th house
Mars in the 11th house
Jupiter in the 5th house
Saturn in the 10th house
Uranus in the 9th house
Neptune in the 9th house
Pluto in the 7th house
Ascendant of SR in natal 9th
The transit for the period was as follows:-
Jupiter sgr Venus
Jupiter tri Moon
Jupiter tri Mars
Saturn opp Moon
Saturn opp Mc
Uranus tri Mc
Jupier tri Mc
Pluto sgr Jupiter
However, inspite of the glaringly horrible solar return I
received the greatest elevation in my career.
Please can you explain why?
Yours sincerely

Ciro Discepolo:
Dear Sir,
Please, send to me your natal chart and your Solar Return chart, mentioning your the city of birth.
I will answer your question in English without reference to you, on my blog:
Best regards,
Ciro Discepolo
P.S. Please also write to me about the other facts of that year ordering them under different sections such as love, relatives, health, etc.

December 22nd 2008, Mr. Garba:
I cannot vividly remember what happened during the period (April, 1992 to April, 1993) except two things. First, for the first time in my life I travelled abroad (Britain) in Augst, 1992. Secondly I had a spectacular elevation in March, 1993. I would also like to add that I had no problem with my health or relationships even though I noticed some hostility (envy) from some colleagues and friends.
Yours sincerely,

Ciro Discepolo:
Dear Mr. Garba,
Unfortunately we cannot do precise analyses of a Solar Return Chart when we don’t remember exactly what we lived through - of positive of negative things, during those twelve months.
I’d like to remind you that we believe nothing of significance happened during a particular year of our life. Often, however,
something new – either good or bad, does begin to sprout and develop without our knowledge; for example a sickness.
Your Solar Return Map is not precise, but it is not a problem. I advise you to study Solar Returns that are to come and not those long past.
Best wishes,
Ciro Discepolo
Natal chart



Out of Africa?

January 27th 2009

That’s a very beautiful picture of Dubai! Though I’m not sure how the picture relates to your article: my retarded translator does less than a splendid job.
For fun, a few months ago, I actually did 08-09 RSM in reference for Obama’s current place of residence. Quite a few celestials were in his 12th house of solar return, including mars/ saturn. It puzzles me as to how he got elected, and defeated his Republican opponent last year. The RSM does not have a particularly strong point such as the 10th house involved. Both the press and the TV report that Obama was born in Honolulu, which is the birth data I used a few months ago for the RSM.



If it is Kenya, what will be the birth time? Do we know? Now, I wonder whether there is some sort of pattern in the natal chart of the President (or people elected to an office) or patterns in the RSM of their election charts? If there is, to what extent do such patterns apply to the general public? Say, you and me...

Ciro Discepolo
Dear Deva,
the Dubai image was in relation to a friend’s comment on this blog, not to the arguments of my blog.
About the dubiousness of Obama birth place, you can read, here, one of the many documents published in the USA in the last months:
Obama may not be a natural born citizen of the USA and he could be lying about the city of his birth.
Corsi: Well, what would be really helpful is if Senator Obama would release primary documents like his birth certificate. The campaign has a false, fake birth certificate posted on their website. How is anybody supposed to really piece together his life?
Doocy: What do you mean they have a “false birth certificate” on their Web site?
Corsi: The original birth certificate of Obama has never been released, and the campaign refuses to release it.
Doocy: Well, couldn’t it just be a State of Hawaii-produced duplicate?
Corsi: No, it’s a — there’s been good analysis of it on the Internet, and it’s been shown to have watermarks from Photoshop. It’s a fake document that’s on the Web site right now, and the campaign refuses to produce the original birth certificate.
....picture two college students hardly able to eat deciding to fly to Kenya July 1961, one of them nine months pregnant. A very expensive and exhaustive trip with very little assets. They have the baby, fly back to Hawaii and record the birth on August 1, 1961. Cannot imagine that ever happened. It is a mess and until it is finally resolved who knows what happens. Maybe we have a better chance at getting hit by an asteroid next week
Dec 1st could start a Constitutional crisis
Supreme court ruling on Obama’s eligibility for presidency: By Janitsar on Nov 18th, 2008. Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) Justice David Souter has agreed that a review of the federal lawsuit filed by attorney Phil Berg against Barack Hussein Obama II, et al., which was subsequently dismissed for lack of standing is warranted. SCOTUS Docket No. 08­570 contains the details. A review of that docket and the Rule 10 of the Supreme Court makes abundantly clear that Justice Souter’s granting of a review on the Writ of Certiorari is not a right entitled to citizen Phil Berg, but rather is a matter of judcial discretion based upon a compelling reason.
That compelling reason is the Constitutional requirement that “No person except a natural born citizen …shall be eligible to the office of President…”What this means is that on or before 1 DECEMBER 2008 Barack Hussein Obama II must respond to the writ of certiorari, and since the Berg v Obama case hinged primarily on the question of Obama’s place of birth, it is almost inconceivable that Barack Obama will thumb his nose at the Justices of the Supreme Court and he is absolutely compelled to provide a vault copy of his original birth certificate. Another very salient fact to consider at this time is that, despite all of the pronouncements of the print and broadcast media, Barack Obama is not yet the President-elect of the United States. Barack Obama can only become the President-elect after the Electoral College convenes on 15 DECEMBER 2008 in their respective state capitals around the nation and casts their votes to elect the President and the Vice President.
As you can see this election day occurs two weeks after the required response to the Supreme Court granted Writ of Certiorari. The bottom line is this: the presidential election of 2008 remains an ongoing process, the outcome of which remains undetermined, and all talk about a potential Constitutional crisis in the United States are at least 36 days premature. The inevitable constitutional crisis regarding President-elect Obama, of course, revolves around his inability (or unwillingness) to produce an authentic Hawaiian birth certificate with the raised certificate stamp that the Federal Elections Commission can independently verify. Here are some of the unanswered issues hanging over the head of President­elect Barack Obama and the question of his American citizenship:

- The allegation that Obama was born in Kenya to parents unable to automatically grant him American citizenship;

- The allegation that Obama was made a citizen of Indonesia as a child and that he retained foreign citizenship into adulthood without recording an oath of allegiance to regain any theoretical American citizenship;

- The allegation that Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and that he may not be an eligible, natural-born citizen;

- The allegation that Obama was not born an American citizen; lost any hypothetical American citizenship he had as a child; that Obama may not now be an American citizen and even if he is, may hold dual citizenships with other countries. If any, much less all, of these allegations are true, the suit claims, Obama cannot constitutionally serve as president.

- The allegations that “Obama’s grandmother on his father’s side, half brother and half sister claim Obama was born in Kenya,” the suit states.” Reports reflect Obama’s mother went to Kenya during her pregnancy; however, she was prevented from boarding a flight from Kenya to Hawaii at her late stage of pregnancy, which apparently was a normal restriction to avoid births during a flight. Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama) gave birth to Obama in Kenya, after which she flew to Hawaii and registered Obama’s birth.”

- The claim could not be verified by inquiries at Hawaiian hospitals, since state law bars the hospitals from releasing medical records to the public; Even if Obama produced authenticated proof of his birth in Hawaii, however, the suit claims that the U.S. Nationality Act of 1940 provided that minors lose their American citizenship when their parents expatriate. Since Obama’s mother married an Indonesian citizen and moved to Indonesia, the suit claims, she forfeited both her and Barack’s American citizenship.

Ciro Discepolo


An answer form Siberia...

February 6th 2009

Hi Ciro,
My name is Vyacheslav, I am the inbound manger in Tourservice Company, Yakutia.
Re, your request, there is a small place called Sirem, it is just one family living place in Verkhoyansky region, south of Verkhoyansk.To get there you first need to take a plane (2 hours) from Yakutsk to Batagai (capital town of a region).



Then from Batagai to Verkhoyansk by car (2 hours). From Verkhoyansk possible to hire a motorboat (2 hours) till Sartang/Bala. And then on horseback till point Sirem (110 km,about 2 days).
Ciro, I know it sounds complicated, but those are realities of the transportation. Could you tell me about your interest, why you want to go there? Maybe I could offer you another destination which can interest you. And are you planning to do it on your own or is there a group with you?

Hi Ciro,
I understand the situation. But unfortunately the points that you set in your first image(Khatynnakh, Kusagan Olokh, Moy­kyuyel, Sirem etc) are fully isolated points in summer time using the car.The nearest point you can get by car is the Verkhoyansk.
Another way to get there is by helicopter from Batagai. In that case you will need to hire a helicopter. From Batagay to Sirem and back it will take about 5 hours. the cost for one hour rent is RUR 160000 or Euro 3550. The total for helicopter will be Euro 17750. But it can be less, if there will be someone who also needs to fly in that direction in the same period, which is another story.

Best regards,Vyacheslav Mestnikov
“TourService Centre” Ltd., Co.Russia,
Yakutsk, Poyarkov str., 12, office 53.
Tel/fax: +7 4112 351144 mobile: +7 924 662 1144



February 11th 2009

For Deva and for all.
Later I will try to answer to your posts. Now I am particularly excited to announce that it is ready, and online, the new free add-on for Aladino: the possibility, to click on an astrological map of an Aimed Solar Return and automatically obtaining an instantaneous opening to Google Earth on the precise geographical point that you are observing!
You can later return to Aladino and continue your queries looking at every selected place through Google Earth, without having to log out of Aladino!
I am sure that this important update thought of by Pino Valente and realized by Stefano Briganti, will be a very pleasant kind of research tool for Active Astrology!
You can download the new Astral.exe file here: You can substitute the following command in the path: C:\programmi\rsma\modulo rsma If you have a Demo version of Aladino, you can check it
using a 1917 born subject. Here you can see a short movie with the film of a little
demonstration of this function. The file is of about 16 MB: Attention, please: we have tested this add-onusing
VISTA and observed, as we thought, that this “splendid” OS blocks the file “.kml” generated by Aladino and stops Google Earth execution.
We don’t know if we will proceed in the future, to put a new patch for the VISTA OS. For now, however, this add-on works on Windows XPreleases.
Ciro Discepolo


Sydney in Canada

February 11th 2009

Caro Ciro,
A few questions on lunar return after reading your latest book in English: does 12th, 6th, or 1st house lunar return ascendant have the same bad influence as the solar return, though their effects are less detrimental? There are a few important exams that I need to write and wish to get through successfully, they all take place in the next month.
When I look at my lunar return for that month, saturn is in the 9th house, jupiter is in the 2nd, ascendant in the 12th house. If I take a flight 2 hours to the west of where I am, I can put saturn in the 10th house, jupiter in the 3rd house, and ascendant in the 11th house. Is it worth to relocate for this lunar return at the end of February? In your experience, will getting rid of saturn in 9th, and putting jupiter in 3rd really help me clear the examinations?

Ciro Discepolo:
For Deva. Dear Deva, I am glad you are studying my next English book (together with some foreign readers and a few Italians). As mentioned by Al Rami, you have to look to an ALR (Aimed Lunar Return) as a complement to the ASR: you will be able to get a result only if both the ASR and ALR portend good results. For example: if you have a splendid Solar Return working, you never will be able do destruct it by a bad ALR and vice versa.
Differently you will be able to potentiate an ASR with an ALR of the same direction. In your precise situation, you have, actually, a bad ASR and I think that it may not be very useful to invest anything before your next birthday.
However, if you want to do a check, even for the precision of your birth time, you can go next February 25, to Sydney, New Scotia, with an excellent Venus in the third House and an excellent Jupiter on the cusp of the 12th House: all this by flight will be quite inexpensive from your city.
Best wishes for all.
Ciro Discepolo



Ivujivik, Quebec
February 12th 2009

Nervous Taurus
Dear Ciro,
Thank you so much for your insight into my solar return situation. I studied the chart for the location you recommended (Ivujivik, Quebec) and understand why you find it to be a good chart - it removes the SR ascendant from the 1st/12th houses, but it retains the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on the midheaven. Unfortunately, after researching transportation to Ivujivik, I find that this location (and most others in northern Quebec) are tiny Eskimo villages with no hotels or accommodations - and nearly inaccessible, particularly in the spring blizzard season! I have decided to spend my birthday in Gaspe, Quebec which puts the SR ascendant in the 2nd house, pulls all planets out of the 12th, and locates the Mars/Venus/Uranus stellium in the 10th.
It also keeps Saturn out of the 3rd, which I note that your book mentions is detrimental to writing (and I plan on doing lots of writing in the upcoming year).
Thank you so very much for your review of my situation, and your useful comments. It is interesting for me to see now how clearly you state your principles in your book - I could have come to the same conclusions on my own, but once you imbue your own emotions into a chart, it becomes so much more difficult to see clearly. I sincerely appreciate your help and will update you this year on how the chart manifests. Sincerely,”Formerly Nervous” Taurus!
(Please feel free to post this on your wonderful blog!
Thank you again!

Ciro Discepolo:
Dear Nervous Taurus,
as you can see we are a very nice family!
Did you think how many good astrologers were able to help

you with special advices for your next birthday? Pino, Luigi, Celeste are indeed special astrologers able to discover every possible path to go in every little village on Earth. Don’t start to worry after looking at the photograph of your hotel in Ivujivik because I too had been to Kuujjuuak, near Ivujivik, in the month of April, three years ago, with the temperature at 20 degree (Celsius) below zero! It is worth the trouble if you were to have a better year!
Dear Deva, please write in English so we are sure to understand well what you say to us. I hope that you understood well my last speech on Lunar Returns: you can obtain only a bit of improvement moving your Lunar Return during an on-going bad Aimed Solar Return. Remember: only a bit!
I see that your parents think you are crazy, but you are moving across only two hours in longitude: Many of us move their birthdays by as much as 12 hours of longitude!
I was glad to see yesterday, some good friends at the conference. Some expressed their disappointment saying that they are never able to ask questions of me directly. But when I am available for the public, they are invariably not present…


A day of exhaustion but satisfaction
March 20th 2009

A day of exhaustion but satisfaction. After more than half a day of walking, I got very near to the most eastern point of Ireland for my RSM: two lighthouses near Wicklow, Ireland. I enjoyed the walk, and got excited when I saw sheep having green dye sprinkled on them. I thought they were clover shaped, and that I finally found some typical Irish sheep, but later, I found some of them were dyed purple, red and blue. So it’s just my imagination. Long story short, I could’ve stayed in my Dublin B&B, Dublin is perfect for my RSM, especially for the birth time I gave you. But last minute recheck told me that: since my precise birth time is 8 minutes earlier (1:40) than the one I gave you, venus will not be exactly conjunct the 9th/ 10th house, but 2.8 degree away from it, a bit too far from the 9th house. (Did I tell you that I plan to apply for medical school next year? That’s why I was so concerned about getting excellent marks in my midterms and final exams and considering LR, and some luck in my SR 9th house is always desirable)
I am not sure how much difference it will make, I can only generate a SR chart for a decent sized city using the free online software, I can’t enter latitude and longitude for places like a lighthouse. I estimate my location is 52’58N 6’00W, somewhere between the two light houses. The location of the light house in the east should be located closer to Wicklow Head, instead of right at the sea as on google earth. The two light houses are definitely much closer.
Because I walked south 2 minutes from the west lighthouse, and caught the view of both light houses on my camera. I hope that Venus will be within 2.5 degrees of the cusp.
Speaking of LR, I have wonderful experience with Venus in 3rd house. I seem to have infinite capacity to absorb information and study tirelessly (it may work in concert with transit Jupiter sextile my Mercury). I haven’t got all my midterms back yet, so can’t draw the conclusion regarding its effects on my marks. But in your experience, comparing venus with jupiter, which one will have more beneficial effect as to obtain excellent marks in exams? Also compared 3rd house with the 9th? If I have the protection from a good SR, will it be okay to put LR saturn in 10th house, in order to have both venus and jupiter in 3rd?
I watched a video on nature’s synchrony a while back, and quite amaze by the mathematical models generated to explain how nature and nonliving things tend to sync.
Maybe a model can be created to explain energy/strong forces only transmitted/interact among physical bodies through synchrony. I think the philosophy between homeopathic and RSM is similar: the state of mind determines emotional, psychological, social aspect of one’s life. But homeopathic can hardly explain the scientific aspect of RSM. We all know that RSM works, however, it is not relevant to dosage, and how about the active ingredients?

Ciro Discepolo:
Dear Deva, I think that you are torturing yourself with some queries that have no sense. You decided, in the last months, that your birth data is changed by about 8 minutes. Please, listen to some good advice and note that, in my experience, the only good birth time correction protocol is the one described in my book “Nuovo Trattato di Astrologia”, 800 pages, Armenia Publisher, 2003, in which I have explained that only an analysis of the likely ingress of Mars in the natal Houses over 3 years or more, can be a good system to correct a natal chart. You must be patient and dilligent in your study of astrology. You are very young and will have a lot of time to learn a lot of things concerning your Natal Chart, ASR, ALR, etc. Probably you were born in a different hour and you will discover that Venus was exactly on your Dublin Mid Heaven!
As has been explained to you, Pasquale, please don’t place Saturn in your 10ª House of Lunar Return! Saturn in the 10th House is indeed bad: it will hold you back in your studies and even if you have Venus and Jupiter in the third House of Lunar Return, they will not be able to counter Saturn’s negative effect.
Remember that at this moment your primary focus is your studies and it would be good to have Jupiter close to the Mid Heaven of your Lunar Return Map than in any other position.
In my opinion, now that you have a good Aimed Solar Return
- enjoy it, until another new good Aimed Solar Return comes up. I am glad that you are pursuing the the study of the correspondence between Astrology and Homeopathy. In my lastest English book, there is a chapter on it. Here in Italy, only two or three people have evinced interest in it. Best wishes for your birthday that is to come
Ciro Discepolo



Welcome to our new friends from USA
March 30th 2009

Ciro Discepolo:
I will try to answer to your many questions and will begin by using an example to answer for your first query. Walter Veltroni was an important political leader in Italy. His Natal Chart and his Solar Return for Rome 2008 are in the picture. We use this system to study Solar Returns and I am not able to suggest to you in which way you can operate with the Solar Fire Software to watch two maps together.
Some months ago I wrote a forecast for him, mentioning that he had a very very bad conjunction Mars-Saturn in the seventh House of his Solar Return, together with the Ascendant of Solar Return in the tenth House of the Natal Chart (it is a dangerous position if detrimental transits are present during the year). I wrote, in this blog, that he would certainly be out of his important political position before his next birthday, about the end of January 2009.
In the Active Astrology School, we use different systems to see in which part of the year will the forecasts made on the basis of the Solar Return Map would actually happen. Some of them are in my books that are not in English. Another good system is a software (AstralDetector) that I cannot sell out of Italy.
But there is another of my books in English that you can read and that can help you to give a date to the events of a year: “Lunar Returns and Earth Returns” ( buynowrt.htm).
Returning to Walter Veltroni, and using only his Lunar Return of January 22nd 2009, valid until February 18th 2009, you can see that we have the Ascendant of Lunar Return in the seventh House of the Natal Chart (war!), a stellium in the first House and Mars in the first House of the Lunar Return: very bad positions that are conducive for a probably fall! In fact, he was hardly active poliyically by the end of January and the predicted fall came to pass on February 17th.
We (in the Active Astrology School) study only the transits on the Natal Chart: for example, in this case, Mars was opposite its natal position. In our experience we have seen that the planetary aspects in a Solar or in a Lunar Return are inconsequential, when compared to the positions of the asters in the Houses (of Solar Return of Lunar Return).



We don’t consider, in our school of Astrology, the Nodes, Chirone, Fix Stars, Arabic Parts and other elements of the Esoteric Astrology, but you can use them and the sum of these elements are not a stellium for us, for example in your question about Durban.
The Durban chart of Aimed Solar Return is quite good, but not very good because Saturn is on the cusp (+/- 2,5 degrees from the line) between the 8th and the 9th Houses: it is not helpful to damage two Houses contemporarily.
The Cape Town ASR is not good because there we have three asters (Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune) between the 12th and

the first House: it is a dangerous position. The Aimed Solar Return for Port Elizabeth would be better
as it eliminates the two problems of Durban and Cape Town. Best wishes.



Splendid Venus in the sixth House
March 31st 2009

Respected Sir,
Thank you for answering some of my queries. I have another question for you. I was earlier referring to one of the books by Merriman “The new solar return book of prediction”, the author emphasies that the planets must be in good aspect to Ascendant and Midheaven. He also recommends having harmonious aspect between a planet in a particular house to the planet which rules the house.
Your book emphasizes that planets must not be conjunct the cusp of a house +/- 2.5 degrees especially the 12th, 1st and 6th House. Reading your book tells me that you would prefer that no planets be there in the negative Houses of 12th, 1st and 6th,
and even 8th not considered favorable.
So here is an example:
Native born : Female on Nov 19th 1970 at Ambala, India at 5:50am
I tried to relocate this chart for the SR this year to Jaisalmer, India on November 18th 2009 at 4:47:39pm.
I wanted to have the 9th House of publishing, travel to be excellent along with good health. But I end up with Pluto here conjunct the 9th House cusp at 1 degree, which I don’t like. However Pluto is Trine to Ascendant. And Saturn ruler of 9th House is Trine Midheaven and Parts of Fortune. I also wanted the native to have good health but I see Saturn in 6th and Uranus
5 degrees away from conjunction of 12th House cusp plus we have Moon in 8th (has excellent aspects including a Quintile to Ascendant). I am also worried that Saturn in 6th may cause more occupational work load.
I also worry because of the positions of the following planets: Mercury (conjunct 8th House cusp, less than 5 degrees), Uranus conjunct 12th House cusp at about 5 degrees, Neptune conjunct 11th House cusp, Jupiter also conjunct 11th House cusp by less than 4 degrees.
But all the planets have positive aspect to Ascendant and Midheaven. Uranus though has a semi-square to the Ascendant.
Moving the SR out of India, moves the Uranus to either to 10th, 12th or 1st which I don’t like in this chart. Moving the chart to other locations like Madhuri, or Calcutta in India, causes Mars to square ascendant and I also see T-square.
Could you kindly tell me what is your take on this chart? Can the planets behave positively even though they are conjunct the cusp since they have positive aspects to the Ascendant and Midheaven? Saturn, though being in 6th House, is Sextile to the ruler of the House - Mercury.
I know you said that Mars in any house is bad. But again Mars in 4th House is trine to Moon which is ruler of 4th House and is in positive aspect to Sun. Could you give me your advise as to what you think I should do? If I relocate this chart to another position in India, Mars becomes square to Ascendant, which I don’t find feasible. When I overlap the Natal Chart on the solar return chart, the Natal Ascendant falls in the 7th House of SR and the Natal Midheaven falls in the 4th House of SR.
When Natal chart is superimposed on Solar return chart, Natal Ascendant falls in the 6th House of SR - which I don’t like since the concern about work and activities will increase. Natal Midheaven falls in the 3rd House of SR.
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
For Neena. On this platform, we refer to each other by name. I have studied the things that you asked of me. I think that it is not possible for your subject to go for an Aimed Solar Return to Jaisalmer, India, because there the Solar Return Ascendant is in the sixth House of the Natal Chart: one of the worst positions in a Solar Return with probable problems in every field of life.
I advise you Varanasi, India (but I am able to find other excellent locations out of India), with a splendid Venus in the sixth House and a Jupiter in the tenth House in a large conjunction with Mid Heaven.
When I started, many years ago, studying Solar Returns, I thought that were to be read, as one would a Natal Chart. After thousands and thousands of practical checks I understood that I have to read a Solar Return charts in a different way.
For example: I give very high importance to the aspects in a Natal Chart and I think, for example, that a Jupiter trine to the Mid-Heaven is a very good thing. However with Solar Returns, I have seen that the effective value of aspects is about zero on a scale of 0 to 100.
I hope that I am able to offer you an example that could convince you in the future.
A confirmation of this assertion is possible even with a Lunar Return. Project a Solar Return and make sure to leave empty the second and the 8th Houses. Place Venus in the second House, for example, with only bad aspects: square, semi-squares, … One year after you will see that this Aimed Solar Return gave you a good amount of money.
Next year, carry out a new experiment. Leave the second and the eight Houses empty. Place a very good Saturn, with many splendid aspects (trines, sextiles, etc.), in the second House of Solar Return. Twelve months later you will able to see that the subject has had a very bad year for money.
You will find many rules, in my book, that will seem strange to you, but putting them to practice will confirm their veracity.


An ASR or Milan is not possible

April 1st 2009

Respected Sir,
Thank you for your very valued opinion. I do tend to agree with you that Venus in 2nd is definitely more fruitful than Saturn in 2nd due to Saturn’s nature. I also have to admit that reading the books by Merriman has drilled into my head the need for good aspects to Ascendant and MC and to try and eliminate the T-squares, Grand cross that show up. But I also find your book fascinating and am learning a lot every day.
My friend had preferred to go to Asia for a Solar Return close to India (in safe places) or in India. That is why I was looking in that area. However I also looked up Europe and I like Milan, Italy also as a wonderful Return based on my friend’s needs for a strong and good 9th House (for publishing children’s books), for good health, and easy and good job front. She also works and this would be her first book.
The only concern I have with Milan, Italy is the conjunction of Uranus to the 2nd House cusp within 2 degrees. I know that you do not like to see planets in the 1st House but I have Jupiter and Neptune here. Sun is conjunct the MC and Venus is in 9th House of publishing. Saturn of course sits in the 8th House which is not necessarily a good place for the planet. No negative planets near or in 12th and 6th Houses. All planets have good aspects to AS and MC except Neptune which is Square to MC. Also, Grand trine, stellium and 4 point stellium exist of course in some cases with Chiron. The Solar Return AS falls in 3rd House and the SR Midheaven falls in 1st House.
Varanasi definitely has better planetary position than Jaiselmer, India, but again I am worried about the squares and semi-squares to AS and MC. Also T-square of Mars,Venus and MC exists here. I am not finding any good locations in countries that are safe and close to India like Singapore or Thailand. I do like Milan a lot other than the problems I have specified. I am looking at major cities for ease of flying in and flying out. I am looking forward to hearing your esteemed opinion on this issue.
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
I think that an Aimed Solar Return for Milan is not possible because there you have 3 asters in the first House, and AS in the 12th House.
In my experience all aspects of a Solar Return are inconsequential. But it is not my intention to forcibly convince you. I think that the best thing, for everyone, is to test practically the rules of a Solar Return as stated in my books.
Ciro Discepolo


Saipan or San Francisco to avoidAscendant of SR in the first House of Natal Chart

April 2nd 2009

Respected Sir,
Thank you for your very valued opinion. You are absolutely right about the aspects to Midheaven and Ascendant, and of a planet to its ruler not working. As I have been talking to you, I went back and researched a friend who wanted to improve his business in 2009 and had a terrible year in 2008. Here are the details:
Name : Ravi, Date of birth: Jan 5th 1967 at 11:30am in Nagar Kurnool, India
His Solar Return for 2009 was at Durban, South Africa.
His business and contacts are improving significantly but he is now suffering from health problems. He had severe allergies this year. He usually refuses to take medications but has to now pop Claritin due to the seasonal allergy. His knee had been bothering him and got worse this year and he recently had a MRI and is going to go for physical therapy most probably for the next six months. He also almost got hit by a truck but by God’ grace nothing happened. The malefic Saturn is within a degree of conjunction to 6th House. Uranus is conjunct to 12th House cusp within 3 degrees and Moon is in the 12th House conjunct the Ascendant within 5 degrees. Saturn does not have an aspect to AS but it is U4 (Quadri Undecile) to Mercury which is the ruler of the 6th House. Neptune (Ruler of 12th) and Uranus both have a good aspect on Ascendant. I think that the Saturn conjunction is causing all the allergy problems. The accident scare may have been Uranus in the 12th House cusp.
For coming year 2010, I was going to relocate him to Costa Rica for the coming year but the planets are again in 12th and 6th and a Mars conjunction which could lead to an accident even though as you can see the aspects are really good. So after reading your book and your infinitely precious advice on this blog, I am thinking of relocating him to Olinda, Brazil which seems to look good. Pluto of course is in 8th House but not conjunct any cusp. I would have liked to see the Sun and Mercury conjunct the MC for really good results. Jupiter in 10th. I don’t like MC, AS and Mars T-square. Salvador, Barzil does not have the T-square but Moon will be conjunct the 5th House cusp. Please shower some words of wisdom on this.
In case of the other chart:
Birth date: Nov 19th 1970 at 5:50am in Ambala, India. I have decided to take your advise and find another relocation spot. I do want her to be able to successfully publish a book and for it to do well. If you have any advice, kindly let me know.
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
For Neena. I think that the many problems of Ravi have a only single name: his AS of SR in the first House of his Natal Map, in Durban.
I advise you to avoid, for him, Costa Rica, because there he would have a stellium in the eight House, which is like having Ascendant in the 12th House. Not even Olinda, Brazil, because he would have Mars in the 6th House, Sun in the 6th House, a stellium in the 6th House, which is also like having AS in the 12th House. Very terrible.
I found two Nagars in India, but no Nagar Kurnool, but the two Nagars that I found are fairly close, geographically speaking.
I hope that I am not in error.
I suggest Ravi moving his next Aimed Solar Return to San Francisco or to Saipan, Marianne Islands: two good solutions.
I understand your problem, primarily caused by reading books by many authors, which can be quite confusing.
Let me give you a brief overview of my travails over the last four decades in my persistent attempt to popularize Active Astrology.
In 1970, when I began to push my relatives and friends to move their Solar Returns, everyone that I knew in the field of astrology, said that I was crazy. Some merely scoffed at my ideas, while some others actively opposed them. You can find details of such exchanges recorded in books, magazines in public and private libraries, deliberations of conferences where I explaied my thoughts and results of my research, since that time.
Until a few years ago, every colleague, barring my ex­students, who have have graduated today to become accomplished practitioners of Active Astrology themselves, said that it was a crazy thing, a nonsensical operation.
In recent years, however, suddenly and unexpectedly I find old antagonists stating that moving a Solar Return to an appropriate place is the obvious thing to do and that they have always been practising this. But their claims have no bearing, no written testimony.They write books on the subject today, without the foundation that I have established by sending over 20,000 people across 39 years for Aimed Birthdays.
Whatever that I have said so far should not be construed to be an attempt on my part to force you into becoming an adherent of my school of thought. I only wish to advice you to check the rules advocated by different authors yourself and decide where the truth is.



Maceió Brazil

April 3rd 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thanks for your message. I continued working on the solar return for Ravi this morning and I have a couple of doubts. I feel as if I am unable to utilize the power of Venus and Sun at the MC for Ravi.
Example: On Jan 4th 2010 at 12:19:59 pm in El Oso, Venezuela, I can get the Sun, Venus and Mercury conjunct the MC and in the 10th House but the Solar return AS falls in the Natal 1st House, which of course is terrible. Also, Saturn is in the 6th and Uranus is in the 12th House at this location.
I then tried Salvador, Brazil and here the Solar return AS falls in the Natal 2nd but the stellium of Sun, Mercury and Venus, is now in the 9th House. Jupiter and Neptune are in the 10th House. No planets in 6th and 12th. Only Pluto is in the 8th.
I appreciate your feedback.

Ciro Discepolo:
For Neena. OK, now, with the right latitudes and longitudes we have the exact maps. They are, in descending order, Natal Chart, Durban 2009, Costa Rica 2010, Olinda 2010, Maceio’ 2010, Cocos Islands November 2009 and Nagpur Sonegaon Maharashtra 2009.
I confirm to you that the very difficult moment of Ravi has a only single name: the Ascendant of Durban Solar Return in the first House of his Natal Chart. Your project for a new Aimed Solar Return in Costa Rica is no good because we have the Ascendant of the Solar Return in the 12th House of the Natal Chart and three asters in the 12th House of the Solar Return. You have my compliments for the Solar Return of Olinda: it is almost perfect!
You have only to move the planets a bit toward west to avoid 3 asters in the 8th House, but saving Venus in the 8th is good for money gains. You can obtain that in Maceio’, near Olinda.
We will now look into the charts of your other friend born in November. I suggest two locations for this subject: Cocos Islands and Nagpur Sonegaon, Maharashtra, India. In both of them, we have a good Jupiter in the tenth House. In the Cocos Map we have Mars in the third House (a few damages) and a good Venus in the sixth House (a good protection for health, occupation, work relations). In the Nagpur map, we have Mars in the fourth House (possibility of a hospitalization), but we have Venus on the DS line (minus of 2.5 degrees from the line that is the border sixth/seventh Houses, if the birth time is correct). This position is excellent because Venus is able to save, contemporarily, health, occupation, work relations, law, partner relations, love, marriage, commercial relations, audience… It is, in my opinion, one of the best positions in an Aimed Solar Return.
I hope you are satisfied. Best wishes.



Sun conjunct the Descendent

April 4th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for your guidance. I love the returns. I do have a question for you.
What is the effect of having Sun conjunct the DS, especially +/- 2.5degrees?
Also, if Mars is conjunct the IC i.e., greater than 2.5 degrees but less than 5 degrees, what is the effect? Is it the same as having Mars in the 4th or does it do more damage?
Thanks, Neena

Respected Ciro,
Once again thank you for your quick response. I am going to ask all my questions here again.
1.) What is the effect of having Sun conjunct the DS, especially +/- 2.5degrees
2.) If Mars is conjunct the IC, greater than 2.5 degrees and less than 5 degrees, what is the effect? Is it same as having Mars in 4th or does it do more damage?
3.) I am working on the Solar Return of another individual who has been through a very rough life so far.
His date of birth: Jan 4th 1968 at 3:15am Tenali, India.
He cannot go beyond India for his Solar Return. It would be too expensive for him. When I looked at his Solar Return in the
place he currently is (Vishakhapatnam, India), it has a stellium in 12th House and two planets in 1st.
So, I have relocated him to Port Blair, India. Here only Mercury is conjunct the 12th House cusp within +/-2.5 degrees. Uranus in 2nd, over 2.5 degrees from the 2nd House cusp. Mars conjunct the DS but over 2.5 degrees from the DS. But the stellium has now moved to 11th House.
What is your advise with regard to this chart? He got a call recently from his ex-wife that she was planning to go to court in the near future for the custody of her son who is currently residing with this individual.
Thanks for your advise as always.

Ciro Discepolo:
Here are my answers to two of your questions.
1) What is the effect of having Sun conjunct the DS, especially +/- 2.5 degrees.
Let me first explain what is precisely meant by the term 2.5 degrees. It means 2 degrees and one half of a degree, that is 2°30’ and not 2°50’ : it seems obvious, but it is not. The Sun cannot stay on the cusp of DS because, if the Sun were to be on the DS line, +/- 2.5 degrees, it works contemporarily in the seventh and in the sixth Houses: the Sun in the sixth House is one of the worst positions in a Solar Return Map.
2) If Mars is conjunct the IC, greater than 2.5 degrees and less than 5 degrees, what is the effect? Is it the same as having Mars in 4th or does it do more damage?
If Mars is in the third House, greater than 2.5 degrees distant from IC, it is only in the third House without influencing the fourth House. If Mars is in the fourth House with a distance, from IC, greater than 2.5 degrees, it works only in the fourth House. I use this example to explain another point: in one of your earlier posts you wrote that I consider Mars to be always
negative, in every House. It is almost correct, but not completely. For example, Mars in the tenth House pushes the efforts of the subject to find greater emancipation, in that year, and than it could be very good to learn a new language. Yet it is also true that in that year, almost surely, the subject will have problems due to his mother or mother-in-law.
There is another point to be noted here. It should not be surmised that the subject causes harm to his mother by placing Mars in the 10th House of his Solar Return. A natal chart or an SR is only a reflection of the perception of the concerned individual of the world around. If the relevant charts of the mother show no harm to her during the period, she herself would perceive nothing adverse, it would be only the son who might be doing so. If this explanation were not to be valid, then it could mean that we are working with Black Magic, which astrology is certainly not!)



No discount on Mileage

April 7th 2009

Hello Everybody,
Unfortunately, the person I spoke about in an earlier email (born at Tenali, India, on January 4th, 1968), cannot afford to get out of India. But I feel that Port Blair seems to be best within India since it would move most planets out of the 8th and only Mercury will be conjunct 12th cusp. Any ideas or
comments are welcome.

Ciro Discepolo:
For Neena:
I think that in the matter of Solar Returns, it is not possible to provide discounts – if I may use such a phrase. If your friend needs a 8000 miles trip to have a trouble free Solar Return, we can’t reduce it by a certain distance for any extraneous reasons and say that the good effects would be proportionately reduced. It would certainly be better to advice a person seeking astrological counsel that if it is not possible for the person to relocate to the suggested place, there will be a bad year to follow.


Cocos Islands

April 10th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Received your book. Still reading. I am enjoying it a lot. I do have some questions so I will go back to the date of birth: Nov 19th 1970 at 5:50am in Ambala, India.
Your new book says that to be successful in publishing the 3rd and 9th Houses are important. Also for good finance 2nd and 8th are important. I am trying to relocate this individual so that the
stars line up accordingly and I having some difficulty doing this.
Here is what I want to achieve with the relocation
Success in job and publishing. Good health and happy job. Sale of her property which has been on market for over couple of years. Commerical property debt needs to be paid but no tenants due to market economic situation. We looked at Nagpur, India, for her but Saturn is in the 8th and Mars in the 4th tells me that she will not be able to sell her property. Of course at that time we were only looking at publishing and good health.
Can we rework her return based on the new requirements. I am also trying the same but it seems to be difficult with the way the planets are spanned.
Thanks for your help in advance.

Ciro Discepolo:
I answered to your question on April 3rd and advised possible relocations Cocos Islands and Nagpur Sonegaon Maharashtra, for your friend. Obviously these maps will be not able to resolve all the problems of your friend, but you have to remember that an Aimed Solar Return is a short cover : if you want cover your shoulders you will not be able to cover your feet… Yet we are referring to two splendid Solar Returns, with a very great protection for her health/work and on her possibility for emancipation.

Active Astrology is true

April 11th 2009

Respected Ciro,
I agree with you. Your suggestion of Nagpur is indeed splendid. Not everything can be achieved by a Solar Return. We have to choose what we can achieve based on how the planets are spaced. Thank you for enlightening me.
I am still reading your book and will get back to you with some more questions.
Thanks, Neena
Ciro Discepolo: I think that you have understood that Active Astrology is true: after a year from an Aimed Solar Return we will no longer seek the aid of Arabic Parts, Fixed Stars, Chiron & Company, bad aspects among the asters, or justify our failures to them. We can be sure, not from arrogance, but because our rules were tested on thousands and thousands of cases. If you place a good Venus in the first or in the sixth House or a beautiful Jupiter closed to MC and if you avoid placing the Ascendant in the 1st, 6th and 12th Houses of the Natal Chart, if you follow the famous 30 rules, you will have results, not just explanatory words. Now you are studying two of my books in English that
are available in the USA, remember that you can also download, free, two other books in English, authored by Luigi Galli and me, at this link:
I wish everyone a Serene Easter, not forgetting however, that a lot of our new friends are not Christians: it is in the sense wishing peace for all: Christians, Muslims, Jews . . . and everyone else.

Anchorage for AstroLogic

April 11th 2009

Dear Ciro, I came across your fascinating work while trying to find out the best place to spend my birthday in a few days. I was born on April 5th, 1976 at 10h40 am (Brasília, Brasile) I am currently living in Los Angeles focusing on a career change into entertainment journalism that I have been actively working to achieve. Your help would be of utmost value and I thank you in advance for it.

Ciro Discepolo:
Welcome AstroLogic! I think that you will not work as a journalist, all your working life. I see you engaged in different jobs. Your actual Solar Return is heavy, indeed. Yet you are a young man and you will be able to overcome this hard moment. Using a very inexpensive flight, you can leverage your next Solar Return to help your endeavors, moving yourself to Anchorage, Alaska. See the map. Best wishes.
AstroLogic ASR for Anchorage, USA



The Solar Arcs

April 13th 2009

Respected Ciro,
I have some more questions:
Let me first say that the Cocos island projection for my friend is absolutely flawless and a beautiful return. She looked up all the flights and decided that the location would be extremely difficult for her to travel to with her family. So, she is reluctantly planning on going to Nagpur, India which is the 2nd best choice available.
I have been reading several books on Solar Arc by different authors. And when I did the solar arcs of several of my friends with some birth time rectification, the solar arc always tells me the major incidents in the life of the native.
In case of my friend who is born in Ambala, she has Pluto coming to the Ascendant in the year 2012. All the books claim that it will be bad year while the planet is within a degree of the Asc? Do you agree with this?
Kindly let me know your esteemed view on solar arcs and what you think about this.
Sincerely, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
For Neena. Yes, the geographical coordinates of the Cocos Islands are correct as you can see on page 24 of the atlas that you have downloaded here: geographical_atlas_for_the_aimed_solar_returns.pdf
You have asked for my opinion on Solar Arcs. Under this generic name, many astrologers often amalgamate different systems of forecasts: Arcs of Directions, Primary Directions, Secondary Directions, Progressions, Symbolic Progressions and Symbolic Directions, as well as many others.
I think that the most important studies on these arguments were of Henri J. Gouchon (Dictionnaire Astrologique, L’horoscope annuel simplifié, ecc.) and Reinhold Ebertin (Cosmobiologia: la nuova astrologia, Ciro Discepolo publisher, and other publications).

Their teachings were very interesting: you proceed with Solar Arcs to rectify a natal time of a birth and then forecast all the important facts in the life of a subject: fantastic!
Unfortunately this theory doesn’t work. You can check it for yourself.If you get a very very precise time of a birth, you will perhaps be able to indicate the exact day of a particular happening in the life of a subject. Having been able to successfully compute the exact date for one event, if you were to try a similar exercise for other important events in the person’s life, like the death of parents, date of divorce, or the date of a major accident, you will find that the logic does not work.
I did attempt using Solar Arcs for dating events for many years, and when I failed, developed a new method for the purpose, which is described in one of my books: Nuovo Trattato di Astrologia, Armenia Publisher, Italy, 2004, about 800 pages, avilable only in Italian.
My method consists of reading, in a particular mode, contemporarily and in a strict way, the Transits, the Solar Returns and the Lunar Returns of every member of the subject’s immediate family. For cases that are of great interest to me, I usually study such a collection of charts for weeks and can usually make very precise forecasts as well.



Nuovo Trattato di Astrologia

April 14th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately I do not know Italian and so will not be able to benefit from the book that you have written. Can you kindly give an example, maybe using the date of birth 19th November 1970 at 5:50am in Ambala, India.
How is solar arc to be used in coordination with your rules. And in this chart, what is the meaning of Pluto coming to the Ascendant. Would she expect something bad or can something good also come out of this?
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
Yes, I know the situation. Unfortunately it is a book of almost 800 pages and I don’t know if some time in the future, an American publisher would be interested to print it.
In this book, there are many examples to learn dating of events, some of which are also available in my books that you already have.
One of the many examples regards the saga of death of the Gandhi family: the homicide of Mahatma Gandhi, the assasination of Indira Gandhi, the violent death of Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi… About 80 pages of the book, 105 astrological maps and all the explanations to know why they died in those precise dates. I spent quite a few weeks to write the above.
The same thing was made for the explanation of my forecast about my mother’s death: over one year before, I announced to my close relatives that my mother would have left us thirteen months later, between December 25th and December 31st, 1996. My mother, at that time, was not sick. She died on the night between 25 and 26 December 1996. In this case too, I had to spend a few weeks analyzing the astrological situations of my relatives, living and dead, from their natal charts, Transits, Solar Returns, and Lunar Returns. Every one my students who read my books could obtain similar results.
The forecasts of a death are a sensitive matter. We must study them only for ourselves and never for others.
I cannot explain these procedures with an example because it needs a lot of time, at last two weeks of work and I do not have that kind of time vene for myself now!
But I am sure that if you will follow the rules, the precise rules, of my school, you will be able to do any exact forecast.


Celestials in Natal Chart

April 15th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thanks for your feedback. I will try to work on this chart using the returns. I greatly appreciate your feedback.
Another question I have for you. As I read your book, and we all agree that Mars is not good planet to have in certain
Houses. So, is the effect same in case of natal charts.
Here is an example:
Date of birth: 16thApril, 2005, Time of birth:12:27pm at Omaha, Nebraska.
This chart belongs to a little girl and she seems to have all the negative planets in dangerous houses. Saturn is detrimental in 12th House conjunct to Ascendant. Pluto conjunct to 6th House. Mars conjunct to 8th House. Uranus conjunct to 9th House cusp.
What will the future of this girl hold in terms of these negative planets? How will married life be since Neptune in is the 7th
House? Could you throw some light on this please?
Once again thanks for your immense guidance.
Sincerely, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
In my experience I observed that a Solar Return Chart has to be read in a completely different manner when compared to a Natal Chart. For example, a Sun in the first House of a Solar

Return is a dangerous element, indeed. The same position, in a
Natal Chart, could be a very good element in a strong personality.

Neena’s very young friend Natal Chart
Concerning your very young friend born in Omaha, I think that her Natal Chart is not particularly dangerous and that it has some precious elements like a splendid closed conjunction Sun-Venus in the tenth House and even a Jupiter dominant.

Surely there will be suffering in her emotional life (a closed conjunction Moon-Saturn-Ascendant in Cancer), but we should not forget two things:
1. Knowledge is power (Psychology can aid her a lot)
2. Many important men and women in history have struggled and overcome their natal problems. Observe the other two maps. Joanne Woodward, with a strong Saturn closed to her Natal Ascendant: she was loved for all her life by Paul Newman, a very fascinating man, who was (it seems to be so) never unfaithful to her. The other map is of Oriana Fallaci, a very great writer, with strong elements in Cancer, linked to a bad Saturn: she became a great writer, despite these values.



Mars, Neptune and Uranus in eightHouse of Natal Chart

April 16th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for your esteemed opinion. Could you also throw some light on the little girl’s 8th House. She has Neptune and Mars conjunct the 8th House cusp. Uranus conjunct 9th House cusp sitting in the 8th.
Sincerely, Neena
Respected Ciro,
Other than the question on the 8th House of the little girl, I have the following question.
In your book of Transits and Solar Returns, I could not find a chapter on Sun in different Solar Return Houses. Could you kindly tell me the impact of the Sun in different Solar Return Houses?
Thanks again for your guidance, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
The single position of Uranus on the cusp 8/9 House is not a very daunting prospect. The stellium (Mars, Neptune and Uranus) in the eight House of the girl’s Natal Chart, is much more dangerous. The asters advice her to never invest money and to be always watchful about her earnings. She should only take up a paid job and never indulge in business or speculations.
She will probably be a victim of robberies and accidental loss of money during the course of her life. The practice of Active Astrology could aid her from this point view, in the future.


Sun in eight House of Natal Chart

April 21st 2009

Respected Ciro,
I have a question for you. When looking at the natal Chart, if the position of the Sun is in the 8th, is that good or bad.
Example: Dec 2nd 1999, Omaha, NE at 3:16pm.
I know you said that the Sun should not be read in the Natal chart in the same way as in Solar Return chart. Kindly advise.
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
I think that I did forget to answer your question: In my book “Transits and Solar Returns”, there are the descriptions of the positions in relation to the Solar Return Sun and the Houses in the pages 325-339.
In a Natal Chart, in my experience, a Sun in the eight House means, first of all, that the subject is a very Scorpio-like, with little bearing on where his Ascendant is. After this we can observe his great desire to become a notary, a psychologist, a geologist, an archaeologist, and we can note many other things, but for these explanations there are many good books, like those written by André Barbault, Henri J. Gouchon and myself. I think that this position in a Natal Chart, is very good if the subject will become a notary or a psychologist, for example, and a very bad position if he will choose to indulge in robberies because surely he will be confined to a prison.


No Abu Dhabi

April 22nd 2009

Respected Ciro,
I have found the pages. For some reason I was only paying attention to the Ascendant falling in different Houses and did not see the Sun in different Houses. Once again thanks.
Based on the information I have, what do you think about the Solar Return in Abu Zaby, UAE for the date of birth 2nd Dec 1999 at 3:16pm in Omaha, NE. Will the retrograde motion of Mars be a problem with this positioning? The Ascendant falls in 10th House. Please advise.
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
For the subject of December 2nd, you cannot suggest Abu Dhabi because you have 3 asters there in the first House and it is a bad situation. Instead you can move him to Daharan where this problem doesn’t exist. The Ascendant in the tenth natal House in this case, will be helpful. In Active Astrology, we do not assign any significance to retrogression, just as we do not consider aster aspects, Arabic Parts, Asteroids, Solar Arcs, and all the elements that are usually borrowed from Esoteric Astrology.




April 26th 2009

Respected Ciro,
I need your help with transits. This person travelled to the continent of Africa for the first time. She left on Dec 31st 2008 and came back on Jan 13th 2009. But When I look at her transits, I cannot see any planets in her 9th. I do see the Ascendant though.
How would you be able to predict that this person is travellign
using transits.
Date of birth: 19th Nov, 1970 at 5:50am in Ambala, India.
Thanks for your guidance.

Ciro Discepolo:
In the experience of Active Astrology the owner of the year, is the Solar Return map, followed by the Lunar Return map and finally the transits. For your friend, the Ascendant in the Albuquerque Solar Return is a 9th House Ascendant: right, are you in accord?
The Lunar Return for Fort Worth, on December 15th 2008 advised her not to depart because that map was very hard and Saturn was on the 9th House cusp. The transits: Uranus trine natal Jupiter and Jupiter sextile to natal Sun.


ASR in Albuquerque, New Mexico

April 27th 2009

Respected Ciro,
My friend was in Fort Worth, Texas for her lunar return on Dec 15th 2008 and she was in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Nov 17th 2008 for her Solar Return.
Date of birth again is Nov 19 1970 in Ambala,INDIA at 5:50Am.
She left for her trip on Dec 30th 2008 and arrived back on Jan 13th 2009. The question I have is, how to predict the travel. If possible exact time and direction of travel.
Thanks for your precious time, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
No, if Jim or Ann have a Solar Return Ascendant in the first, sixth or twelfth House or another very bad astrological situation of Solar Return (for example a Mars in the first House), Jupiter in the 12th House is not able to minimize this very bad situation. In fact, in the famous 30 rules, you will not read: “You can take a stellium in your sixth House of Solar Return if Jupiter is in your 12th House of Solar Return…”. You will read: “You have to change this bad configuration. Period.”
Your second question is harder. It is possible to create many astrological charts and it is possible to insert, for example, the New Moon Chart into the Lunar Return Chart; you can also read many other kind of charts where only the fantasy guides you ably to obtain any type of forecast. When I started practicing astrology, an Italian astrologer (that wrote a very good book on the subject) gave me a lesson of Astrology. He painted many many charts: my Natal Chart, my Solar Return Chart, my Lunar Return Chart, New Moon Chart, New Moon Chart before my birth and many other charts. Then he said: “If you consider that the owner of the third House in map number 15 is trine to Jupiter in map number 5, and if you consider …”. If you, Neena, obtain good results from such an exercise, OK, I appreciate this Astrology. In my experience, it is sufficient to read just 3 charts, in the following order of precedence: the Natal Chart, the Solar Return Chart and the Lunar Return Chart. If at all I consider transits, it is only to possibly tweak the results provided the three charts mentioned above. By this system, which considers that the Solar Chart is much more important than transits, I usually obtain good forecasts.
In the case of your friend, the transits in relation to Jupiter are transits that speak to us of travels by default, independent of the Houses. These transits are good, but not the Lunar Return and I think that her travel was not good.


Solar Return Ascendant in the first, sixth or twelfth house

April 28th 2009

Respected Ciro,
I have a question regarding Solar Return:
If there is a stellium of planets in 12th House, including Sun and Uranus or Mars is in 6th House, and if Jupiter or Venus was conjunct the Cusp of 12th House, could it save the individual from a calamity? Thanks for your guidance.
Here is another question regarding the travel to South Africa.
Here is what you said: “The Lunar Return for Fort Worth, on December 15th 2008 advised her not to depart because that map was very hard and Saturn was on the 9th House cusp. The transits: Uranus trine natal Jupiter and Jupiter sextile to natal Sun.”
My question now is: Should the transit be read in biwheel with the natal chart on the inside and transits on the outside? If that is the case, Saturn will be in 10th and Moon will be in 9th. If the transit is viewed without the biwheel, then Saturn is conjunct the cusp of 9th. So which option is better for reading transits. Also, Why are we looking at the aspects of Jupiter? Jupiter is
not ruling the 9th House.Can you please help me understand?
Thanks for your valuable time.
Sincerely, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
No, if Jim or Ann have a Solar Return Ascendant in the first, sixth or twelfth House or another very bad astrological situation of Solar Return (for example a Mars in the first House), Jupiter in the 12th House is not able to minimize this very bad situation. In fact, in the famous 30 rules, you will not read: “You can take a stellium in your sixth House of Solar Return if Jupiter is in your 12th House of Solar Return…”. You will read: “You have to change this bad configuration. Period.”
Your second question is harder. It is possible to create many astrological charts and it is possible to insert, for example, the New Moon Chart into the Lunar Return Chart; you can also read many other kind of charts where only the fantasy guides you ably to obtain any type of forecast. When I started practicing astrology, an Italian astrologer (that wrote a very good book on the subject) gave me a lesson of Astrology. He painted many many charts: my Natal Chart, my Solar Return Chart, my Lunar Return Chart, New Moon Chart, New Moon Chart before my birth and many other charts. Then he said: “If you consider that the owner of the third House in map number 15 is trine to Jupiter in map number 5, and if you consider …”. If you, Neena, obtain good results from such an exercise, OK, I appreciate this Astrology. In my experience, it is sufficient to read just 3 charts, in the following order of precedence: the Natal Chart, the Solar Return Chart and the Lunar Return Chart. If at all I consider transits, it is only to possibly tweak the results provided the three charts mentioned above. By this system, which considers that the Solar Chart is much more important than transits, I usually obtain good forecasts.
In the case of your friend, the transits in relation to Jupiter are transits that speak to us of travels by default, independent of the Houses. These transits are good, but not the Lunar Return and I think that her travel was not good.

Pond Inlet for Lelle

April 28th 2009

I bumped into an article you have on Solar Returns and enjoyed it very much. I am not an astrologer, though I know enough about it that I usually take matters into my own hands each year and do my own and husband’s Solar Returns. I am particularly concerned with the next upcoming Return for both of us, in 2010.
I would be greatly appreciative if you would advise me on this matter. There is no one I know who can help, and the few that offer a service, now charge hundreds of dollars (which I
personally think is unfair).
Birth- March 28th 1958 8:46 pm Boston, Mass. US
Place of residence now- Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada (or
Parksville as the town) Husband Birth- March 31st 1959 1:30 am Kelowna, BC Canada.
Same place of residence.
Best Regards and many Thanks.

Ciro Discepolo:
Wellcome Lelle and wellcome even to your husband. The maps that you are seeing are my recommendations for you and for your husband. For you I advice Nassau, Bahamas, and for your husband, there are two solutions: Easter Isle and Durango (I think that in the next 12 months the health situation in Mexico will return to normal).
Watch, over all, for Jupiter in the Gauquelin Zone (a few degrees to the right of the MC) and Venus on the cusp 10th/11th (a very special position). I am sure that you will have many questions about them and I hope that my colleagues on this blog, will help me explaining to you many things about this argument. Best wishes



Jupiter in the twelfth house of SR

May 3rd 2009

Respected Ciro,
I have a question regarding Solar Return. If the following were in a solar chart of a kid, 10 years old.
Uranus in 12th House, Saturn in 7th, Jupiter conjunct the 12th cusp at 21 degrees and Neptune conjunct 12th cusp at 23 degrees and the 12th cusp itself is at 22 degrees.
Pluto in the 10th House. Kid is entering into Middle school this year. What is the effect of Saturn and Uranus, in particular. Can Jupiter’s conjunction with 12th cusp protect the kid from calamities?
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
Jupiter in the 12th House of a Solar Return is a strong protection for everything. If you did not forget something of importance (for example a stellium or an AS or Sun or Mars in a very bad House), this Solar Return is not particularly hard for a kid. Uranus in 12th House would possibly indicate a bad relationship with a new teacher (Saturn in the seventh House).



ASR in Port Elizabeth

May 4th 2009

Respected Ciro, Thanks for your feedback. I am in a dilemma with the chart
of this child aged 9 Date of Birth: 2nd Dec 1999 at 3:16pm in Omaha, NE. I see his Solar Return in Calcutta, India and it gives him good benefits in education (9th House) but puts ascendant in 12th. No matter where I move him in India, he either gets the Ascendant in 12th or if he gets ascendant in 11th, he gets Mars in 6th and Uranus in 1st. Can you suggest a good Solar Return for him?
I have seen Johanssburg and Port Elizibeth but it gets 3 asters in the 11th House (house of beverement).
Please help. Thanks,

Ciro Discepolo:
Yes, Port Elizabeth is good for the kid born on December 2nd. You don’t have to fear about a stellium in the eleventh House: we cannot cause deaths by relocating Solar Returns. If that were possible, we should be magicians. We only can magnify our sensibility towards possible deaths of friends or relatives.



The birth hour rectification

May 5th 2009

Ciro Discepolo:
We begin today, with an important astrological exercise: the birth time correction of a man born in Belfast on May 14th, 1958. Initially, his parents declared his birth time to be about 2­3 PM. Later they declared to remember that it was about 5/6 PM. Unfortunately in Ireland, there are no archived records of birth times and the hospitals erase this data after 25 years.
To find the actual birth time based on such vague assertions was a very involved exercise that would take a lot of time, but I accepted to do it for two reasons: firstly, because I knew his wife from a long time (a very pleasant person) and secondly, because I thought that it would be an interesting example to share with those who follow my school of thought.
I planned a detailed program spanning three years to obtain the required result:

- Firstly, I used the times of happening of various events in the life of Eduard Royal to speculate a probable time of birth.

- Secondly, I planned a series of Aimed Lunar Returns, to further fine tune the probable birth time obtained from the first exercise.

- Thirdly, I proceeded with my “Time of Birth Correction Protocol” described in my book “Nuovo Trattato di Astrologia”, in the first 100 pages about, analyzing the entry of Mars in his Natal Houses, for three years.

The objective data of his life were:

- Father, Sagittarius, death in April 2007 (no notices on his family)

- Mother, Virgo (her mother Aquarius, her father Taurus, her sister Aquarius, her brother Libra)

- First brother Aries 1953

- Second brother Sagittarius

- His wife: Sandra, July 23rd, AS Virgo

Their wonderful kids:

- N Royal, January 10th, AS Libra

- J Royal, July 21st 2000, AS Taurus

- E Royal, May 9th 2002, AS Leo

- G Royal, September 2003, AS Sagittarius

Eduard, a graduate in economics, is an important business manager responsible of hundreds of people.
He has, like I wrote, four stupendous children whom he dotes on and loves his wife dearly.
His father was a severe person.
He has a girl from an earlier marriage, whom he loves dearly too.
Eduard loves solitude and his favourite pastime is to go fishing.
He likes music a lot but has not learnt to play any musical instrument. He collects a great number of CDs.
Occasionally, he suffers from throat ailments.
He is a meticulous person and very knowledgeable.
He is particular about caring for his body.
He has friendly relations with his collaborators.
As I mentioned earlier, this was a time consuming study, but I went through with it nevertheless.

Both the birth times indicated by his mother were wrong in my opinion because of the following reasons:

-Eduard being blessed with wonderful sons meant that it was impossible for his natal Mars to be in the fifth House of his Natal Chart.

-That he had a brilliant academic record and never had serious problems with his brothers meant that Saturn could not have been in the third House.

-The two clues above provided me with two possible birth times.
The first of these was 11.15 pm, which in turn conformed with the rules of astrological heredity in the following correspondence:

- His Ascendant corresponded with the Sun signs of his father and brother (read my research, with Luigi Miele, on this step of astrological heredity:
( abigstatisticalresearch.htm)
Other details of his life that the birth time of 11:15 pm seemed to agree with were:

-Jupiter is close to MC which is consistent with the fact that Eduard is a very important manager

-The Sun is in the fifth House: he has four sons and a wife whom he loves a lot

- One of his sons also has a Sagittarius Ascendant like Eduard.

-His wife is a foreign woman with a marriage celebrated in a foreign country.

- Saturn near the Ascendant could explain his quite and serious (and studious) nature and a liking for fishing.

-Venus in the third House can explain his brilliant academic record -Mars in the second House is a common factor for a lot of people who study Economics
My second hypothesis was for a birth time of 8 pm attributable to the following reasons:

-Pluto in such a Natal Chart would be at MC with splendid aspects (MC, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Mercury)

-Venus would be in the fifth House

-Mars (a severe father) would be in the fourth House

-Jupiter in the 12th House would have helped him in almost all his endeavors.

Having identified two possible birth times, I was ready for the first test.
Coming back to our first hypothesis of a probable birth time of 11.15 pm, the Lunar Return that was to follow on May 20th, in London had a stellium in the sixth House and Jupiter in the fourth House.
I adviced to Eduard to relocate and spend the afternoon of May 20th in New York. If the birth time were to be close to the actual, he would have had Jupiter in the fifth House and a stellium (with Venus and Mars) in the seventh House in the relocated Lunar Return chart. I was not ready yet to analyze the effect of the Sun’s cusp because I could be very far from the real time of birth.
This was only the beginning of a very long way to tread.
I will return to this situation soon and continue the narrative.



The birth hour rectification (2)

May 13th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Could you tell me the implication of the Solar Return in Portland, Maine on April 16th. This is the Solar Return of a little girl who will start kindergarten in the Fall of 2010. Her date of birth is 16th April,2005 at 12:27 in the afternoon at Omaha,
2nd Question:
You have explained this before but I want to clarify again, so please help. If Mars is above the Descendant, how many degrees above the Descendant does it need to be in order not to have effect on 6th house?
Thanks for your guidance, Neena

Hi Ciro ....During our RSM I did read few of your books and of course, I spied my children’s charts and ....dear I am, troubled and so down as a result !!!
E.Royal as you know was born in Epsom, UK on 9/5/2002 at 10.42 am... I’m little worried about her VIII House.
The House falls
1) in Pisces so its dispositor Jupiter is in the XII house ....
2) in Aquarius, the dispositor is Uranus that stands as a king in the same 8th .... should I be anxious for this? There is also a
stellium as you know in the 11th in opposition to Pluto in the 5th .... and again her 6th House has as dispositor Uranus in the 8th and Saturn in the 11th .... In my mind all this doesn’t look too good! Please help, as you know how much I love my children...

Ciro Discepolo:
For Neena. I said that the Aimed Solar Return of this little girl, in Portland, Main, was not good because the Ascendant of that Solar Return fell in the first House of her Natal Chart. Such a situation always means health problems, but sometimes health problems can mean varied and multiple possibilities. For example, during the next months, the girl can have some little problems of flu: fever, cold, stomach pain, etc. In another way it is possible that the young girl could have some problems of getting along with her new friends this summer. Usually, there cannot be serious problems for a girl of this age and only if the Solar Returns of all her relatives indicate a similar turn of events, will there be a cause for worry.
Concerning your second question, look at the graphic. In this map the Descendant is at 5°41’ in Leo and Mars is at 7°25’ in Leo, in the seventh House. We know that a cusp influences X degrees +/- 2.5 degrees. Than we have: 7°25’ – 5°41’ = 1°44’. It means that this Mars will work contemporarily in the seventh House as well as in the sixth House. It would be the same situation with Mars at 7°25’ in Leo and Descendant at 4°56’ in Leo (the difference is 2°29’). However, if the Descendant was at 4°54’ in Leo, we will have a difference of 2°31’ and Mars will work only in the seventh House.
For Angel. I understand your anguish being a mother, but I believe that you do not have many reasons to remain worried. Generally speaking, we are able to recognize a good day depending in the manner that the morning unfolds. Applying that metaphor to your situation, the fact that you have four splendid kids, portends a happy family. Secondly, your husband’s natal chart shows a very goodfuture for his children. With E’s chart in particular, there is a good Jupiter in the 12th House, which is a very good umbrella for most problems of life …
With regard to the bad stellium in her 11th House, in opposition to Pluto in the fifth House, I think that doesn’t mean problems caused to her directly, but, perhaps, those that may be caused to E’s children …
There may be possible problems with money due to the situations associated with the eight House - not with death. Also, Uranus in Aquarius, in the eight House can mean that when E will be 100 years old, death may be caused suddenly due to a heart attack.
In the light of the above explanations, I am sure you will agree with my surmise that there is nothing to be alaramed about.



Ascendant in 10th House of SR

May 14th 2009

Thank you for the wonderful explanation on cusp conjunction. I want to request you to explain an example the intepretation of Transit with any chart, if possible. I read in your book that the Ascendant should not be in 10th House when cetain transits are happening. Can you give an example with a Natal Chart, then show the transits, and explain the effects of the Ascendant in 10th?
Based on your explanation, here is what I have understood in a chart I am looking at. Kindly confirm if I am right.
In the 1st Case Descendant at 15Leo08 Mars at 17Leo40 (7th house) Difference: 2°32’, So Mars does not have any affect on the
6th House. Is this Right?
In the 2nd Case
Descendant at 14Leo24
Mars at 17Leo40
Difference: 3°16’ So, no effect at all in 6th House.
Both the above examples show no affect on 6th House.
Please advise, Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
Look the Natal Chart of Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of UK from 1979 to 1990. Her Solar Return for October 1990 shows an Ascendant in her tenth House of Natal Chart. Contemporarily Saturn, Uranus and Neptune passed from 10° in Capricorn to 20° in Capricorn, square of her natal Sun. A month after her birthday in 1990, on November 20th, after 12 years of leadership, she resigned.
The Ascendant in the tenth House of the Natal Chart, as I have written mentioning this example in my book “Il sale dell’astrologia” (Capone editore, gennaio 1991), can obtain best results, but if is contemporaneous to very bad transits, like Saturn or Uranus or Neptune or Pluto, for example, passing in the tenth House of Natal Chart or in a square angle with the natal Sun or the natal MC, then this position can be terrible and it can indicate a ruinous fall.
Regarding your 2 examples of Mars and Descendant: Yes, Mars works only in the seventh House and not in the sixth House.



Stellium in the Houses of SR

May 15th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for the explanation on Transits. I have a question relating to Stelliums in Solar Return charts.
Are stelliums bad to have in any Solar Return chart or only in the 12th, 1st and 6th Houses? If we do have a stellium in 1st House with Jupiter and Neptune in the middle of the House and Uranus conjunct the cusp of the 2nd, is that really bad?
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
In my experience, a stellium in a Solar Return Chart is always bad in the 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th Houses, even if there are Jupiter and Venus in the first House.


Selling real estate

May 19th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Could you kindly guide me? I have a question regarding real estate and sale or rent of the same.
What House do we need to look at and place good planets if we want to sell or rent a real estate property? If the property is on the wife’s name but the loan is taken jointly, should the charts of both husband and wife be taken into account?
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
When we desire to have good results concerning real estate, it will be appropriate to place both Jupiter and Venus in the fourth, second, or eight House, regardless of who is the legal owner of the property.


Real estate and Solar Returns

May 21st 2009

Respected Ciro,
I am in a dilemma and need your help. If property gain is needed, you said,
“When we desire to have good results concerning real estate, it will be appropriate to place both Jupiter and Venus in the fourth, second, or eight House, regardless of who is the legal owner of the property.”
So, for my friend born on Nov 19th 1970 at 5:50 am in Ambala, India and her spouse Ravi born in Nagar Kurnool, India at 11:30am (16N30',78E19'), I had with your help figured the following Solar Returns for coming year.
For my friend: Nagpur, India. Here the problem is that Mars is in the 4th. She is unable to travel to Coco Islands where Mars would be in the 3rd.
Now for Ravi, we decided Maceio, Brazil (9S40',35W43'). Here Venus is conjunct the 8th cusp (Good) but Pluto is also in 8th. Also, Mars is in the 4th with Moon. The reason we chose this for Ravi was for both health and good business.
Do I need to improve the Solar Return some other way for Ravi so that even though my friend will have Mars in the 4th (at Nagpur) the real estate situation can be improved via her
spouse’s (Ravi’s) chart?
I hope my question is clear. Thanks for your help.
Sincerely, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
Yes the question is perfectly clear. Yet, I think, we need to focus our attention upon all the variables of this problem.
We (astrologers of Active Astrology), satisfied from a long and a good experience in this matter, are usually able to advise people to improve their life: they explain to us their problems and we come up with an appropriate Solar Return Map to obtain some specific advantages.
If these persons say to us: “I am not able to move myself to the place you advice”, then I answer: “And I am not able to help you”.
For some years now, I don’t entertain private consultations and accept only a few cases when I believe that there are some important and serious problems for someone. However, the first question that I ask is: “Are you willing to move to any village anywhere in the world for a Solar Return relocation?”. If the answer is “No”, I decline to help the person.
In the specific case of your friends, it is not possible help them to gain in real estate if one of them will have Mars in the fourth House of their next Solar Return chart.
It would be a good thing if you make a general reset of this situation and first ask them the following questions:
-What is your primary target for the next Aimed Solar Return?
-Are you willing to go to any place in the world to achieve this target?
If you obtain a clear answer to the first and an unequivocal “yes” to the second, then we can work up a good solution for them.


Astrology and Fantasy

May 25th 2009

Respected Ciro,
I am re-posting my questions again. I would appreciate if you can take the time to answer me. A chart with a Transit example for the date of birth I have provided below would be helpful.
I have a number of questions for you and I hope you will take time from your busy schedule to answer them. For some reason I am not clear on Transits.
The date of birth is: 19th Nov,1970 at 5:50 am in Ambala, India.
Based on her Natal Chart, I see that her transit chart (relocated to Fort Worth, Texas) for May 22nd shows the following:
Saturn transiting the 1st House
Mercury conjunct MC. Sun transiting 10th House. Pluto in 5th House and Uranus in 8th and Jupiter in 6th. Is this right?
However, when I do a biwheel to see the aspects of the Transits with the Natal chart, the transit Saturn appears to be in the 10th, Jupiter in the 4th, Pluto in the 2nd, Uranus in the 5th.
So when I read your book “Transits and Solar returns”, in chapter “Transits of Jupiter - on page 186, which transit should I be looking at for the above example? Is Jupiter in the 4th or is it in the 6th?
Also, you talk about aspects of Jupiter with other planets starting on page 168. Should I be looking at the aspect chart for Jupiter with the other transiting planets in the Transit Chart (the chart with Jupiter in 6th)? Or are we looking at the aspect of Jupiter with respect to the Natal planets?

2nd Question:
I talked to my friend and she says that she almost lost her job during the period of May through Nov of 2008. To improve the situation, she travelled to Albuquerque, New mexico last year for her Solar Return. And it is definately better now. But she fears that the sitution could worsen again if the planets are not in helpful positions next year. In the meanwhile, they are losing money on their properties. So, I am in a dilemma how to improve the situation.
Based on your advise to improve real estate, I came up with a Solar return in Los Angeles, CA for 2009.
However Mars is in the 10th and Uranus in the 6th with Saturn in the 12th, which do not sound good with respect to her job. How can I determine whether Mars is positive or negative in this chart? Do I look at the aspects within the Solar Return?
I am still working on a Return for Ravi. But if you can kindly answer the above, it would be much appreciated. And yes, both Ravi and my friend are willing to travel wherever they should go to improve their job and real estate situation.
With regard to the questions Pasquale asked, I am relocating the transit chart to where my friend is currently located. Is that wrong? And I am using the Transit chart only with respect to the Natal Chart and not the Solar Return chart. Yes, you are right, Ambala is in India.
Thanks, Neena



May 26th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for answering my questions. I just wanted to point out that I was not asking about the aspects in Solar Return. I was asking about the aspects in Transits.
In your book, Transits and Solar Return, you mention Transit aspects – example: Saturn in harmonic aspect with the Sun on page 199. My question was with regard to the transits.
Should I be looking at the transits and their aspect to Natal planets or the aspects to the planets in the Transit chart. I have learnt from you that aspects are not important in a Solar Return chart and I do believe and follow it now.
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
In my experience I think that the only transits working are the transits with respect to the Natal Chart. I think that the phrase you have used “the aspects to the planets in the Transit chart” is meaningless.


Planets in the Solar Returns Chart

May 27th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for taking the time to explain Transits. I finally understand how to use them. Now my other question is that in a Solar Return chart, how do you know if a planet will work negatively or positively? In a Natal Chart, we look at aspects but in a Solar chart, since we do not care for aspects, what would tell us the behavior of the planet?
Also, for my friend’s husband to improve business and real estate, I came up with the following:
Date of birth:
Solar return in Jan 5th 1967 in Nagar Kurnool at 11:30 am
Solar Return in Karoonda, Australia (35S06',139E54')
Solar Return Ascendant in 8th House.
Your feedback is much appreciated.
Sincerely, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
In my experience every planet in a Solar Return or in a Lunar Return chart, works contemporarily in the positive and in the negative.
For example, if you have Venus in the second House, Saturn in the seventh House, the Ascendant in the eight House and Jupiter in the fourth House, very probably the subject will realize good business from real estate, but he will also see an end to a relationship of love (Saturn in the seventh House and the Ascendant in the eight House that means even good business). If a planet bestows something, it will also take away something else.
It depends on the perspective of the native on what he or she considers important or unimportant.



Planets in the Solar Returns Chart (2)

May 28th 2009

Respected Ciro,
My hearty congratulations on the publishing of a new book. Please let me know if there is a particular publisher or company that I can write to in order to get your books published in the USA. I am very intersted in your
rectification books.
Please answer the following questions for me.
Question 1: If in a Solar Return, there is no planet in a particular House, how can we intepret that House. If the 2nd House is in Gemini, but there is no planet in the 2nd, does that mean dual income? Please help with an example, if possible.
Question 2: If the Sun is conjunct the Descendant within 1 degree, we know that it shows its effect on the 6th House also, even though the Sun is located in the 7th House. If Venus is in the 6th, can it give protection from the Sun’s bad effects?
Question 3: If the Solar Return Ascendant falls in the 7th House, and the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are in the 7th House, the Sun conjunct the Descendant, can this be a dangerous position in terms of litigations or problems?
Question 4: If pluto is in the 8th House, it always means fluctuation of money. Is this good or bad?
Thanks for your guidance and once again congratulations.

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for your feedback. Can you please verify if the Solar Return that I have found for the date of birth given below is good or not? The purpose of this Solar Return is to increase income or inflow of money, good real estate dealings, and no health problems.
Date of birth: Solar return in Jan 5th 1967 in Nagar Kurnool at 11:30 Am (16N30',78E19').
Solar Return in Karoonda, Australia (35S06',139E54')
You have said that Ascendant in the 8th is very good for business and that is the case with the above chart.
Question 2: Another question I have is, if the Solar Return Ascendant for anyone is in the 7th and there are the Sun, Mercury and Moon also in the 7th, should there be a concern relating to litigations or divorce. Should the Solar Return be changed?

Ciro Discepolo:
The whole Solar Return Map has a logic of its own: every part of this sky is linked in a logical relation with all the other parts. If you have a second House, in Gemini, empty, we can have, contemporarily, some asters in the fourth House.
Here we have two possibilities: if you are trying to rent your apartment to others and the owner of the second House is in the fourth House, it will be very probable that you will be able to realize this transaction. If there appears a risk of losing your apartment because you are without work, and Mercury, owner of the second House is in the fourth, it will be quite certain that you will certainly lose your habitation.
When the Sun or the Ascendant or Mars or a stellium are in the sixth House or in the first House or in the twelfth House, there are no possible protections good enough to minimize their bad effects, even if Venus and Jupiter were made to work in tandem against such a situation.
Yes, if the Ascendant and some celestials are in the seventh House, you will surely have a year full of wars, little or big. But, in the same year, if you are not already in love, it is highly probable that a sweet love story will unfold.
Pluto in the eight House is good, if you are waiting for an assurance repayment, for a heredity, for a little lottery win, to improve your finances with your husband’s help (remember that starting from the seventh, the eight House is the second House of your husband). But, if you have Mars in the seventh House and Pluto in the eight House, it is possible that your husband will spend money on women…



ASR in Australia

May 29th 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for your answeres. Another question I have is: My friend has a stellium and the Ascendant in the 7th for an impending Solar Return.
She wants to stop in Dubai with her kids after her Solar Return. Should she be worried because she is going to a strict Muslim country and her 7th House is showing litigations and stamped paper? Do you recommend that she go somewhere else? She is a female travelling alone with little kids. Kindly advise.

Ciro Discepolo:
Next Solar Return in Australia, for your friend of January 5th, is good for business, with the Ascendant in the eight House, Jupiter in the forth House and Venus on the cusp of the second House.
I confirm. Now for the answer to the second question. Yesterday you asked to me if a stellium in the seventh House could produce conflicts between a couple: yes, it is possible, but, fortunately, these conflicts don’t always end up in divorces and most times, they are only minor quarrels.
I think that every couple has to inevitably confront quarrels sometimes.
Don’t worry: Dubai is one of the best places in the world. I was there many times, even as recently as last month. Your friend
and her kids have nothing to fear. Reflect that Dubai is the only country in the world where you don’t need a Visa and where you don’t need to fill a paper with your generalities when you enter the country.
Many years ago, I had recommended an Aimed Solar Return in Dubai for a Jewish mother and daughter, both well educated. They are departing from Rome in an Emirates flight.
When the plane was about to take off, they were paged to report at the airline desk, where questions were raised about their religious leanings.
“Yes we are Jewish, but we are respectful of all religions,” said the elder woman. “But I am not!” retorted the airline official and called his superior in Dubai to report the situation.
He was given a severe reprimand, with a warning of dismissal if such an incident recurred. The two ladies were allowed to board the flight and were accorded a special welcome by the authorities when they landed in Dubai.


Welcome MariaDream

June 17th 2009

Dear Sir Ciro,
Thank you so much for your warm welcome and useful suggestions. You are extremely kind to help people on your blog with no charge. Your comment on my Solar Return was written a while ago... and I’m sorry it took me so long to answer.
My birthday is in one month and I am taking your travel advice quite seriously. However, I wanted to ask you, which location this year would be best for health? This is why I initially chose Augusta, Maine, where Jupiter is located in the 6th House and Venus in 12th.
So, do you think this is a good choice if one wants to improve health?
Thank you immensely, MariaDream

Ciro Discepolo:
Welcome, MariaDream.
From your choice of your next Aimed Solar Return, I understand that you are already a good colleague and that you are planning so well based on the famous thirty rules.
Yet it is important that we look into a few probable defects in your choice of location and the consequent placement of celestials.
That you have selected Augusta, Maine, demonstrates that you have well understood the importance of placing Jupiter or Venus exactly on the Descendant.
As you can read in my book or on this blog, in my experience this is a choice of excellence because we are able to simultaneously improve health (sixth House), job (sixth House), job relations (sixth House), love (the seventh House), matters related with law (the seventh House), wars of every kind (the seventh House), audience or our chances of being listened to by others (the seventh House) and so on…
If I could, I would choose a sky for my Solar Returns for the next twenty years with a similar configuration.
Yet, in the map of Augusta you have Venus in the twelfth House and that isn’t good at all for love (particularly when there is a fantastic transit of Pluto upon your Natal Venus).
Here are two different alternatives.
The first is for the Japanese isle Miyako Jima, with Venus
2.5 degrees from the Descendant, in addition to a splendid Jupiter in the first House. This isle is one of those under dispute between Japan and Russia and I don’t know whether you will be able to go there (next July I will be not far from there).
A second possibility is Santo Domingo, Caraibi, where you cannot have Jupiter at the Descendant, but you have it in the seventh House and Venus in the first House. Best regards.



ASR in Iqaluit, Nunavut -Canada-

June 18th 2009

Respected Ciro,
I have a request. Is there any way to have the Italian portion of your blog in English also? I like to follow your blog and I feel
that I am missing out on precious guidance.
Couple of questions:
I hear an astrologer on the radio who claims that he can tell whether a chart belongs to a male or female by the date and time of birth. Is there a way to do this? If yes, how?
Also, here is a date of birth: April 16th 2005 at 12:27 pm(afternoon) in Omaha, NE. I am looking for a good Solar Return for April 2010. She will be starting Kindergarten in Sep, 2010. If I look at the Return in West Palm Beach, Florida, then she gets Saturn in the 12th (she also has Saturn in the 12th in her Natal Chart) and I don’t like this. Also, Uranus falls in the 6th although Jupiter is also there. What are the repurcussions of this chart? If I do a Return in Denver, Colarado, then I see Pluto in the 4th and Uranus in the 7th. Also, the Sun is in the 8th. So this is also not good. Can you give any suggestions and help. Is there a feasible Return available in the United States? If not, where else? Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
If you log into my blog through a Google page, you can ask for the total translation of the page in to English, which is automatically done by Google. There are certain other sites on the Web that provide free translation services from Italian to English which may not be perfect is not perfect, but good enough to let you understand the blog posts. If the claim of the the American astrologer on the radio you mentioned about, of being able to identify the gender of a person from a chart, then I think that he is very close to God. I remember another astrologer claiming that he was able to separate people from animals looking only at their horoscopes. Probably, this in a Woody Allen movie. Your choice for Palm Beach is not possible because there are three asters in the eight House and it is similar to having the Ascendant in the 12th House. The right place woukd be Sarben,



Welcome Sunflower

June 18th 2009

Dear Ciro,
I am a new follower of your blogs. Until now I have been reading only your posts but now I thought of asking some questions. On the SR of someone close to me, Mars, Venus, and Uranus are in the 8th and SR rising on anaretic degree 29 of Leo.
Please throw some light on how to interpret these planetary aspects.
Thank you, Sunflower

Ciro Discepolo:
Welcome Sunflower. In my experience a stellium in the eight House is the same thing like having the Ascendant, for example, in the sixth of the Natal Chart. In my book “Transits and Solar Returns” you can read:
Ascendant of Solar Return lying in the Sixth House of the birth chart, or stellium, or Sun in the Sixth House of the SR chart.Virtually 100% of the section about the 1st House may be referred – as it is – to the 6th House as well. Forget about the 6th House being the sector of physical health. More precisely, forget that it may refer exclusively to one’s health. Of course, during a detrimental year where you face troubles in any field of your life, you would have problems of health too. The involvement of the 6th House of SR, as well as that of the 1st and the 12th , usually announces trouble and misery of many types, in virtually all fields of your existence.
When your SR has its Ascendant in the natal 6th House or its Sun or a stellium of celestials in the 6th House of SR, you should expect a tough year full of evil events: your partner may leave you; you may lose your job; you would have trouble with the law; perhaps you would be arrested; a close relative would die; you would be involved in a scandal; you would get more or less seriously ill; you would be involved in accidents; or you would undergo surgery, and so on… From this point of view, it is true that you would probably face problems of health as well, but they may be psychological too: events that have apparently nothing to do with pathology (such as work, love, justice and so on) would likely provoke in you deep depression, nervous breakdown, anguish, phobia, or fears. Let me stress this aspect, hoping for understanding: the involvement of the 6th House in the chart of Solar Return usually announces trouble, misery, disgraces with virtually the same strength as with the involvement of the 1st and the 12th House.…
The other positions of the SR are not important because this bad stellium covers every thing. Obviously, we don’t die when we receive a sky so bad on the day of our birthday, but we will surely have an unpleasant year. This experience will advice us not to repeat the same error in the future. Best wishes.



SR for Denver, Colorado

June 22nd 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for looking into the Solar Return chart for the child born on 16th April, 2005 at 12:27 in Omaha, Nebraska. Please help me clarify some doubts regarding this Return.
In Denver, Colorado for April 16th 2010, the child has Saturn at 10 degrees from the Ascendant. Jupiter is in the 7th conjunct the Descendant. Mercury conjunct the 9th House cusp, is in the 8th House along with the Sun.
In Sarben, Nebraska, Saturn is within 10 degrees of the Ascendant. Jupiter is in the 6th conjunct the Descendant. Mercury
is in the 8th along with the Sun.
If Jupiter is in the 7th conjunct the Descendant within 2°30’, then it should still protect the 6th House. Right?
You have said in one of your blog posts, that we must try to keep Saturn away from ascendant by at least 12 degrees. So, Denver, Colorado will be close to meeting this requirement.
In Santé Fe, New Mexico, Saturn will be over 12 degrees away, but the benefit of Jupiter will be lost to the 6th House.
Is the Sun and Mercury in the 8th, Pluto in the 4th, and Uranus in the 7th, bad for the parents or is it bad for the child? Isn’t Pluto in the 4th indicative of problems at home or illness of parents? What about Uranus in 7th, can it cause disruptions? Kindly advise. Is there a better return for this child than what
we have discussed for next year (2010)? You guidance is much appreciated, Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
The asters positions for Denver are: Jupiter : in Pisces 20°49’53,7931
Saturn : in Virgo 29°22’00,0658 Retrograde
House 1 : in Virgo 18°22’05,2099
House 7 : in Pisces 18°22’05,2099
In Denver, the distance Descendant-Jupiter is 2°28’ and this means that if the subject was born even 1 minute before the time that you gave me, we lose this splendid conjunction Jupiter-Descendant. However, at the location chosen by me, you have about + or – 10 minutes of tolerance because the conjunction is almost zero degrees.
In Denver’s map, we have a conjunction Saturn-Ascendant at about 11° degrees, but this not very dangerous for a children because a child usually has no problems with bones, teeth and is generally not melancholic…
You can read these positions in my English book that you have. Pluto in the fourth House – and even in other positions – is not always negative.
We always seek a less negative situation and not a perfect one, for such a sky map will be very difficult to come by.
However, if we have a different target, for example, exclusively to do with studies, we can then get a different Aimed Solar Return for him.


ASR in Sarben, Nebraska

June 23rd 2009

Respected Ciro,
Thank you for your feedback and your valuable advise. I agree with you on Sarben, Nebraska for the little girl.
The other question is, do you conduct a meeting or conference for bloggers on your site? Is that what the pictures are about? The pictures are very nice.
I am looking for a suitable Jupiter Return for the child born on Dec 2nd 1999 at 3:16pm in Omaha, Nebraska.
Since the Return will be coming in May of 2011, I have several locations and have questions that I wish you to kindly help me with. My goal is to help him with his education in the coming years using the Jupiter return. To meet this goal, I have worked out the following:
1.) If the child is unable to travel too far from USA, I was thinking that he could have his Jupiter return in Olinda, Brazil on May 14th 2011 at 10:43pm. Here, Jupiter is in the 3rd along with Mercury, Venus and Mars. Sun in the 4th.Uranus in the 2nd. Saturn in the 8th, Moon in the 9th and Neptune in the 1st. Ascendant in this case falls in the 10th House.
2.) The best Jupiter Return that I came up with was Brisbane, Australia with Jupiter conjunct the 9th House cusp along with Mercury, Venus and Mars. Sun conjunct the MC in the 10th House. Neptune in the 7th House, Uranus in the 8th (Not sure if good), Pluto in the 5th, Saturn and Moon in the 2nd. Ascendant in this case falls in the 4th House.
3.) I was also looking for a Return in USA with Jupiter in the 6th but the problem I was running into was that Mars was also falling in the 6th House, which is not good. For example, Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming. Ascendant in this case falls in the 7th House.
Please advise. Thanks for your guidance and precious time always, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
For Neena. Yes, I and the bloggers that write here, have two meetings in a year: the third weekend of June near Naples and near Sorrento: in Sant’Agata dei due Golfi ( and another in the third weekend of October in Budapest, in the Parliament Hotel of Best Western hotel chain. In these meetings we can speak about Active Astrology.
I am unable to answer your questions on Jupiter Returns, because, in my experience, the Solar Return is the most important aid that we can give a child or any other person. I also do not use Mercury Returns, Venus Returns…
If you can place an unblemished Jupiter close to the MC in this child’s Aimed Solar Return, he will have a splendid year for his studies.


Transit of Saturn in the seventh House

June 25th 2009

Respected Ciro.
I just realized that Ravi, whose date of birth is Jan 5th 1967 at 11:30am in Nagar Kurnool (India), 16N30’,78E19’, has a Saturn transit coming up this December. Saturn is currently in the 6th which has caused a slow down of business income in the past couple of years. Now, it is moving into the 7th House by the end of this year. Ravi and his spouse have always had friction in their marriage and this transit is now causing concern to me.
For Ravi in 2010, I have this solar return in Kooronda, Australia which is good for business and also seems to be clear in terms of the 7th House. So, I am happy with this return
For his spouse (date of birth:Nov 19 1970 at 5:50am, Ambala, India), we have determined Nagpur, India as a good Solar Return for this year, where we had a multitude of planets along with the Ascendant falling in the 7th. Of course, we have Venus conjunct the Descendant (hopefully protecting all kinds of problems in the 7th). Are we okay with this Solar Return in Nagpur, now that we know that her spouse is getting a Saturn transit at the end of this year?
I was also looking at her Solar Return for Nov of 2010 and came up with Palm Beach, Florida. This seems to be fine in terms of the quality of her relationships during the year.
For her spouse Ravi’s Solar Return in Jan of 2011, I was working to improve his business, and I came up with Durban,
South Africa. I have been able to get Venus conjunct the 2nd House but Saturn is in the 12th House and what concerns me the most is Mars in the 4th with the Sun also conjunct the IC. Do you suggest that I try to rework this Solar Return? Your guidance is appreciated.
As always thanks for your precious time. And by the way, the pictures were a lot of fun to see.
Sincerely, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
From what you mention, we understand that we had chosen the best situation for Ravi and his spouse.
We also know that the Solar Return map is stronger than the natal transits and then we have to operate within the limits of Active Astrology: absolute power is not for us…
Palm Beach in 2010, is perfect for your friend. As you wrote, it is not advisable to place a close conjunction of Saturn with the Ascendant, and Sun and Mars in the fourth House in Ravi’s Solar Return chart for 2010: there is a serious danger of a surgery with this combination.
But I advise you not to anticipate and plan too far ahead into the future. It would be enough to fucus on the immediate situation. For my next Solar Return on July 17th, I decided on a plan in February and changed it last week…


Welcome Chicker

July 2nd 2009

Dear Ciro,
my birth information is: Aug 9, 1939, Berkeley, California

3:50 pm. Please indicate what you think would be the best location for my Solar Return. There is a possibility that I am at Provo, Utah; Isleton, California, or Jefferson City, Missouri, during my Solar Return. But if there is some other place you would suggest, I would be open to that also. I am interested in a Return that would benefit both my professional and personal life. I am hoping to produce a movie this year. Please mention also what you think will be the most stressful and what will be the most beneficial situation you see and if you
see any particular dates that I should be aware of. Many thanks, Chicker

Ciro Discepolo:
I think that the locations chosen by you are not very good for your next Aimed Solar Return. It is dangerous to place the Solar Return Ascendant in the tenth House of your Natal Chart when Uranus and Saturn are transiting in a square to the natal Ascendant. This would be the position for all three places that you have mentioned. I suggest an Aimed Solar Return in Fort de France, Martinique, Caraibi. This would give you a better
sky map, though not an excellent one for this year. My choice is determined by the following arguments:
-a very good Jupiter in the first House portending a strong shield for your health and a greater visibility for you.
- a wonderful Venus on the cusp 5/6th Houses. When we put Venus enter + or – 2.5 degrees from the 5/6th House cusp, we get to simultaneously protect your health (Venus in the sixth House), your job (Venus in the sixth House), your job relations (Venus in the sixth House), your creativity (Venus in the fifth House and you work associated with cinema), your love life (Venus in the fifth House), sons (Venus in the fifth House), recreation (Venus in the fifth House). We have to observe that Venus in the fifth House will not negate the possibility of some problems with the spouse, sons or a partner (Mars in the fifth House is always stronger then Venus). But if these people could also aim their Solar Returns, the damage could be low.
Obviously, I project a Solar Return to primarily benefit the person asking for a my advice. If the target for your next year were to be the well-being and benefits to your children or your spouse, then the suggested solution will not apply.
Please, remember that the Aimed Solar Return is a short cover: if you want to heat your head, you have to discover your feet.
Remember that in my experience, celestial aspects mean very little in a Solar Return when compared to their their positions in the Houses of the Solar Return. Their effect in shaping events during the year is more pronounced even in comparison to the celestial transits over the sensitive points of your Natal Chart.
I believe that you are reading my book “Transits and Solar Returns”, but I have written about my experience spread across over 50 books. Some of my assertions in them may seem strange, but I would like to emphasize that all that I have written have been tested thousands of times in almost forty years of studies. Best wishes for all.



The Lunar Returns to improve theSolar Returns

July 28th 2009

Respected Ciro,
I have an uncle who is going through great difficulty, especially in his home front, with his 21 year old daughter. He lives in Long Island, New york and his date of birth is October 17th 1953 at 4:20 pm in Chennai (Madras), India (13N05,80E17).
When I do a Solar Chart for this coming year in Long island, New york, I see a stellium in the 5th house that I do not like along with Pluto in the 7th. What can I do to improve his circumstances? Since Venus is part of the stellum, if I put that in the 5th, the other planets will be there too. Kindly advise.
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
What a pity that your uncle cannot take the Solar Return of Long Island. In fact if his birth details are correct, this map is excellent, with a splendid Jupiter very close to Mid Heaven. Naturally we cannot allow the Sun to be in the sixth House. Even the fifth House is not very comfortable because we have a bad Saturn in that House, but we have Venus also, the best planet in that space…
If your uncle would like to be in Long Island for his Solar Return, you can advise him to use some Lunar Returns in the next months, to improve the good part of the fifth House of Long Island sky map. Using low cost flights, he could relocate to places that position Venus and Jupiter in the fifth House of some Lunar Returns. This could be a possible solution.
However, he can opt for an Aimed Solar Return in Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, where we put Venus between Saturn and the cusp of the fifth House, so that he will have a splendid fifth House (with Venus working in the fourth and in the fifth House at the same time.



Lunar Returns for Jacksonville or for Rishiri?

July 29th 2009

Respected Ciro.
Thank you for your help. I tried to create the Solar Return for my uncle (date of birth: Oct 17th 1953 at 4:30pm in Chennai, India 13N05, 80E17) in Sable River, Canada for Oct 16th 2009 (45N51, 65W03), but I get Saturn conjunct the cusp of the 5th House and not Venus. Could you please check again to see if my latitude and longtitude for the place are correct. I tried Sydney, Canada and was able to get Venus conjunct the cusp of the 5th, but this puts Pluto conjunct Descendant and Uranus
in the 10th House. So this could mean more problems.
I am trying to work on my uncle’s Solar and Lunar Returns.
Solar Return for Oct 17th 2009 in Kushiro, Japan at 9:28:12 am (42N58,144E23). The Solar Return Ascendant falls in 9th House. Uranus is in the 3rd, comfortably away from the Descendant. There is a stellium in the 10th House.
For Lunar Return, I was able to find Jacksonville, Florida for August 5th 2009. I am not too well versed with Lunar Returns, so I am not sure if this is good. Venus is in the 5th House. However Mars in the 4th, the Sun is conjunct the Descendant, and the Moon is conjunct the Ascendant.
Kindly advise. Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
No, Neena, the location that I suggested to you is Sable Island and not Sable River. If you input a latitude of 43°56’N and a longitude of 60°01’W (airport code YSA) you will obtain the same chart as the one I did, and I repeat that it is very good for the problems of your uncle.
In your first post you mentioned the time of birth to be 4.20 pm and not 4.30 pm.
However, the Aimed Solar Return for Kushiro is not possible because Saturn is very close to Mid Heaven. Saturn is passable in the fifth House along with Venus, but never in the tenth House.
Saturn in the tenth House produces great pitfalls in your life, sometimes so deep that one is unable to regain normal ground during the remaining span of life.
It has been experimentally verified that Saturn is harmful if placed within 12° degrees to the right of MC (in the ninth House). This portion of the sky is termed the Gauquelin sector.
The next Lunar Return for your uncle is not possible for Jacksonville, Florida, because you have 3 planets in the first House, which is similar to having the Ascendant in the 12th House, and also because the Sun will be on the DS which will mean that it would be both in the seventh House and in the sixth House.
This is a very dangerous position. A possible Lunar Return for him, to improve his daughter’s situation could be the Aimed Lunar Return for Rishiri (see the map), Japan, with Jupiter in the fifth House, but I advise against this solution because it goes against my rules for an Aimed Lunar Return (first of all, it has to be accessible and inexpensive to reach).
For this reason I wrote, in by books dedicated to Lunar Returns, that it is preferable to plan only a few Aimed Lunar Returns in a year, if at all.



The Solar Returns for Magadan and for Petropavlosk

July 30th 2009

Respected Ciro, thank you for your patience and wonderful advise.
Sable Island, Canada indeed looks really good. Yesterday I also found another location Magadan, Russia (59N34' and 150E48') for my uncle born on Oct 17th 1953 at 4:20pm in Chennai, India.
I am sorry, but birth time was mistyped in the last post. My deepest apologies. Please advise what you think about this return.
Thanks, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
No problems about the data error. The Aimed Solar Return for Magadan is not possible because it is a good thing to hold Saturn at least 12° away from the Medium Coeli.
If you don’t prefer the ASR of Sable Island, then Petropavlovsk is a good solution.
I was there some years ago: it needs only a direct flight from Moscow to reach Petropavlovsk, on board of a very big and spacious airplane carrying 450 passengers for the eight-hour trip.



Solar Returns for Hyderabad or for Nadym

August 3rd 2009

Respected Ciro,
I have another question for you.
This concerns my friend’s husband Ravi whose date of birth is Jan 5th 1967 at 11:30am in Nagar Kurnool, India (16N30',78E19').
For the Solar Return of 2011, I see that he has Saturn transiting through his 7th House. So, I did not want to put any planets in the 7th House. Example, Solar Return in Tucumcari, New Mexico (35N10',103W43'). But he has Pluto and Mercury in the 7th and I thought this with Saturn transiting 7th this would not be good.
So, looking at Hyderabad, India for Solar return of 2011, I am seeing a bunch of planets in the 2nd with SR Ascendant falling in the 8th. Venus conjoining the Ascendant with Jupiter and Uranus in the 4th. What are your thoughts on this return. I am not sure how his business will do with these aspects, because Mars and Sun with Pluto and Moon in the 2nd may mean lots of expenses. Please advise.
Sincerely, Neena

Ciro Discepolo:
I think that the ASR for Ravi for Hyderabad, India, 2011 is not advisable for the following reasons. Firstly, Venus is in the twelfth House and it aggravates the transit of Saturn in his seventh House. Venus under (and not above) the Ascendant at 3° about, would be very good for his health and not for the seventh House. Secondly, we have the Ascendant in the eight natal House: I do consider this to be a very dangerous position, but with Saturn transiting the seventh House and Venus in the 12th House of SR, it is possible that the meaning of the eighth House will be ‘the end of a situation, the end of a relation’. Yet, Saturn in the eleventh House is similar to Saturn in the seventh House, only an octave lower. And lastly, this Aimed Solar Return is bad for business.
I also think that Saturn transiting Ravi’s seventh House doesn’t justify an Aimed Solar Return oriented only to defend him from it. Ravi could have a very good Aimed Solar Return in general terms and he could later aim some Lunar Returns in that year, oriented to save the values of the seventh House.
Alternatively, Ravi could choose Nadym, Siberia, airport code NYM, for a very good ASR: Venus is on the 1st-2nd cusp (very good for health and for money), Jupiter is on the cusp of the 4th/5th Houses and would be good for love, marriage, dealings with the law, etc. The AS is in the seventh House with the strength of Jupiter in the fifth House. Sun, Moon and Mars will be in the third House and not in the second.
I think that this solution is better than Hyderabad. However, Ravi will have many problems to reach Nadym. My daughter Luna had been there once. It is so because Nadym is a very small city where Gazprom (the largest gas company in the world) is located and it is completely surrounded by a very high wall.
But we have an Italian friend in Moscow, Mr. Rosario Onorato of Incoming Russia ( who is usually able to obtain a Business Visa for Nadym declaring that his customer is to go there to evaluate the possibility of doing business with Gazprom.
Neena, I will be away from August 7th to August 26th. During this period, I will not be able to read and post on my blog regularly. If you were to post any questions in this time and do not receive an answer, please repeat the question again later.



Some Reflections on President Obama

Some doubts on the birth place of Barack Obama have been recently dispelled and I can express some short considerations on his Natal Chart.
As you know the President was born in Honolulu on 4th August 1961, at 7.24 pm.
To understand my point of view on his Natal Chart, I have to explain to you an important fundamental aspect of my school.
In my experience of over forty years, I have seen that the most important sign in a Natal Chart is not the Solar sign and not even the Ascendant sign nor the Moon sign: I think that the most important sign in a birth sky is the sign that is in correlation with the House occupied by the Sun: this sign tells us in which direction the subject’s libido is oriented.
By libido I do not mean the Freudian sexual libido, but the 360-degree directed Jungian aspecific energy. For some it is the love for travelling, for others it is the passion for cars, etc.
By this surmise, if I have a Leo-Sun in the first House in front of me, I primarily see an Aries and not a Leo. For President Barack Obama we have a Leo-Sun in the Sixth House and so in my Weltanschauung, he is first of all a Virgo and then a Leo.
This combination, I think, is very good because Virgo “humanizes” the extraordinary energy of Leo, which by itself has a fantastic aptitude to lead, but the risk could be to have a dictator (Benito Mussolini, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Castro, etc.). Moderated by the humility and the precision of Virgo, the astrological combination in focus is a desirable one. The rising Aquarius is also good, in this context. Remember the great Abraham Lincoln, an Aquarius, who took on the responsibilities of a terrible war to give freedom to Afro-Americans.
Even the Moon in Gemini is in line with the rest of this chart: this element reinforces Obama’s openness to dialog and makes him very sociable.
The part of this Natal Chart that I don’t like is his Seventh House with the dangerous presence of Mars, Uranus and Pluto: dangerous for him, because he could suffer from physical attacks, and dangerous for the United States of America because he exposes the country, being the President, to his own vulnerability.
Another part of his Natal Chart instills further elements of concern. I am speaking about two elements that point to his future health:
- A Sun in the Sixth House in a male’s chart often indicates the possibility of being forced to take care of himself for a long time due to serious health problems.
- If you observe his chart keenly, you will note a dangerous sesquisquare between Saturn in Capricorn in the Twelfth House and Uranus in the Seventh House with an orb of about 1 degree. This position often points to serious bones problems.
If we consider that he is the prime target for foreign and internal enemies, you can understand why I fear his very dangerous Seventh House.
At the personal level, I think that his Venus in the Fifth House (many loves in his life) and the already mentioned
bad Seventh House, almost surely will mean a likely divorce.
Above all, I think that he is a great president.
Ciro Discepolo



Mata Hari's case

The interested in the study of the character and life of Mata Hari can find the relevant details it in my “Ritratti di celebrità (Portraits of celebrities)”, Ricerca ’90 Publisher.
Here we focus on a single episode in her life, which any person so inclined can astrologically reconstruct, conclusively shows that Solar Returns charts are to be cast considering the place where the native is physically present at the moment of the Solar Return and not considering the place of birth. Before becoming a prostitute and a spy, Mata Hari, who was an extraordinary dancer, had been married to an officer of the rank of Major named Mac Leod. On a posting to Indonesia, Mac Leod was accompanied by Mata Hari and they resided in a town called Medan.
Here, on June 27th 1899, destiny hit her terribly: a native waitress poisoned her two children and one of them, Norman, died after horrible sufferings. We have, then, all the ideal conditions to make a good comparison: the birth particulars of Mata Hari are considered to be accurate and her entire Natal Chart clearly indicates such a happening. The date of the incident is known precisely as mentioned above and the locations of Leeuwarden (her city of birth in the Netherlands) and of Medan are very far from each other.
What do we see for the 1898/1899 Solar Return drawn for Leeuwarden? Nothing, practically nothing that can justify the tragedy, starting from an Ascendant in the Fourth House of the Natal Chart that is miles away from the climactic event that we are examining. We also see a Fifth House (the one in relation to children) empty and insignificant.
Let’s see what the 1898/1899 Solar Return cast for Medan has to say. The entire Mac Leod family was located at Medan, at the moment of the murder. Please, pay attention to the fact that at that time a Medan-Leeuwarden journey lasted about one year by ship. To astrologically account for happening, in which House do you think that we will find the Solar Return’s Ascendant? In the Eighth House (the one of death), of course! If that is not enough, we see Uranus in the Fifth House (the one of children) and the two dispositors of the Fifth House, Mars and Pluto, were in conjunction in the Twelfth House.
If anyone tells you that he still has some doubts about the efficacy of Solar Returns, believe me that he is lying.



One of many cases that demonstrates itneeds to draw the SR chart for the place in wich you are at the moment of the SolarReturn

In another book of mine, I wrote the opinion of some of the most important astrologers of the last two centuries (André Barbault, Henri j. Gouchon, Reinhold Ebertin, Alexander Volguine, etc.) about their choice of location between place of birth and situation of residence at the moment of a solar return to cast a Solar Return map.
I present to you two exercises here, which in my opinion, are able to fully demonstrate which is the right method.
Consider the solar return of the year 2005 of the actress­singer Madonna, born in Bay City, MI, USA, on August 16th 1958, at 07.05 am (AstroDatabank).
On the day of her 2005 birthday, a few hours after her Solar Return, she had a very serious tumble from a horse suffering several fractures, while she was in Bristol, England.
I think that this is one example, which can hardly be explained by those opposed my school.
We have two charts:
-A first chart of her 2005 Solar Return drawn for the city of birth. Here we have, probably, three celestials in the Eighth House that is not good, but, contemporarily, a splendid Venus in the Ninth House indicating travel abroad. It is impossible to explain a terrible accident abroad from this chart.
-A second chart of her 2005 Solar Return drawn for the city of Bristol, England. Here we have Uranus close to the Ascendant and three asters in the Sixth House, one of the three very dangerous Houses in a Solar Return chart.
Think about this and decide for yourself.


A case of kidnapping of a girl

Please do forgive me, Sharon, if – unwittingly –I might cause the slightest offense or pain to your terrible sufferings with my writings.
My way of working with astrology is direct, thus I would never lie to you; on the other hand, I know that sometimes my manner of expression may hurt the reader. So please accept my apologies in advance, if it is the case with my following words too.
You will read things that do not correspond either to your studies or to those of thousands of other U.S. colleagues. This is due to the fact that I have been studying Astrology with deep intensity for 41 years now. I have been devoting 14 to 18 hours a day to this pursuit. Five years ago I stopped counselling, but at that point I had already studied more than 100,000 individual cases. I had ‘sent’ more than 20,000 people to relocate their Solar Return – which I call ‘aiming their birthday’ – virtually to all corners of our planet. So I believe I have discovered certain realities that are still unknown to most of our colleagues.
However, I beg you to gloss over certain points that you may not understand because they are an integral part of my school of astrology. This is not a challenge; it is simply a study that I have conducted with the sincere hope of being able to provide you with some useful information. So, please take it fairly, even if you disagree with its contents.
Let me underline once again that for this analysis it would have been important to have access to the birth details of Michaela’s father. I have also studied – a little – the charts of Michaela’s brothers, but they might be important only if all of them would also go for an aimed birthday along with the relocation that I am going to propose to you for your next SR – and which I hope you are going to accept and put into practice.

What are the objectives of my study?

-Trying to understand the nature of the kidnapping

-Trying to detect the places where Michaela has been taken

-Trying to understand when you may receive news about Michaela, and trying to potentiate (i.e. enhance) the effect of good transits with an excellent Aimed SR. In fact, in my experience the SR is much stronger than the transits, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

Unfortunately, I am unable to say with any certainty whether Michaela is alive or not. My hope is that on the dates that I will tell you, someone might be arrested who confesses to having kidnapped her; or that, perhaps, someone sentenced to death for other crimes tells the true story of Michaela’s kidnapping before being executed. On the other hand, I would not absolutely exclude the possibility of a happy ending as in the case of the poor Austrian girl Natascha Kampusch.
My prediction techniques, which is the basis of my school called Active Astrology, involves the parallel examination of two or more close relatives (the most representative ones in a family), by analysing their transits, their Solar Returns, their Lunar Returns, and the relocation of their birth charts.
In my school of Astrology, the ASR’s (Aimed Solar Returns) and ALR’s (Aimed Lunar Returns) are much more important than transits.
In fact, I consider that a Solar and Lunar Return is always ‘aimed’ – even if you decide not to relocate, but spend it in the place where you usually live.

Here are the results of my study.
From Michaela’s transits, ASR and ALR covering the day when she was kidnapped, let me guess what the purpose of her kidnapping was. The Second House and the Fifth House have much do with movies, filming, camerawork, shooting scenes and so on. In my opinion this is what we must consider:

-Michaela is gorgeous. She is a girl of rare beauty. In her natal sky there is a powerful 2nd House and a similarly strong 5th House, both containing celestials that indicate problems related to a possible relationship between Michaela and filming.

-Her SR of the year of kidnapping has a terrible 2nd House containing Mars, Saturn and Uranus, which may have drawn negative visibility upon her from the eyes of dirty people who were precisely looking for victims of this kind. Also, the Ascendant of SR falls in her natal 2nd House. When a celestial or the cusp of the AS are within an orb of tolerance of + or –
2.5 degrees from a cusp, I consider them to be ‘working’ in both the previous House and the following one.

-The LR covering the day of the kidnapping is very detrimental. Three celestials are in the 6th House, which is one of three Houses that my long professional experience has led me to consider as being really malicious Houses in the charts of both Solar and Lunar Return. This implied a very tough month for her, either at a physical or a psychological level, or both. There is a recurring element: the Sun and the Moon in the Fifth House. It is as if the stars were saying that she has been filmed a lot (obviously, against her will).

-I told you that I do not know if Michaela is alive, but if she had been killed shortly after her kidnapping, the

LR would also tell us some important things:

-Mars in the 9th House: the aggressor (or the aggressors)
came from ‘far away’. -The Ascendant of LR falls in the natal 11th, which – in my experience – refers to death even more strongly than the 8th House.

-Jupiter in the Eleventh House tells us that if the captor or captors had taken her life, this would have happened in a fairly painless way for Michaela. (Neptune in the 6th House suggests so, perhaps they used barbiturates?)

The site of crime
Looking at all your charts including that of Michaela, I think that the location of the kidnapping and imprisonment is to be found somewhere between Hayward and Los Angeles. In fact, if you relocate Michaela’s birth chart in Los Angeles, you find Saturn at about one degree from the relocated Ascendant.
If you relocate your birth chart in Hayward, the very narrow conjunction of Mars and Saturn gets very close to the IC. Perhaps you remember the case of Gianni Versace, the famous Italian designer who was killed on the 15th of July 1997 in Miami Beach. He was born in Italy, but he had a house in Miami Beach expressly built for him. And if you relocate his birth chart in Miami Beach, you find his Mars exactly placed on the Imum Coeli. Back to you, moving away from Hayward – which is the almost certain place of the kidnapping – your conjunction Mars-Saturn also moves away from the IC. But in Los Angeles, Pluto gets much closer to the Ascendant. (Please, look at all the charts carefully.)
Now let us see your SR and LR concerning that terrible day.
As you have noted – which is also consistent with my own experience – the close conjunction of Mars and Saturn is a really bad one; and when it occupies the 12th House, it is almost always related to a great calamity that one must face sooner or later in life. Your stellium in the 12th tells us what follows. 1) Mars is the dispositor (ruler) of the 5th House.
Since it is in the 12th, it may imply great suffering for a son or a daughter and also, perhaps, for things related to the cinema. 2) Saturn is the dispositor of the 2nd House. Since it is in the 12th, it may indicate possible great suffering proceeding from things related to the image, including cinema. It should be noted, however, that you have a beautiful natal 2nd, which makes me think that you are a very photogenic person.
Perhaps as a child you wanted to work in films or theatre, maybe you are also very good at photographing (you can be also a musician or a singer). 3) The Moon is the dispositor of the 8th House. Since it is in the 12th, it can also mean a lot of suffering for fear of somebody’s death.
Your SR covering the day of the kidnapping has its Ascendant falling in your natal 12th House.
This is one of three most detrimental conditions in a chart of SR: combined with heavy transits, any of them may herald very extensive troubles. Your SR also has Mars in the 1st House: an almost certain indicator of great suffering. In addition, there may be the confirmation of the reasons for the kidnapping, which I mentioned earlier. In fact, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune of SR were in the 2nd House of SR.
Neptune must be considered in the 2nd because it is virtually over the cusp between the 2nd and the 3rd House. The LR of the 9th of November 1988 is just as bad, with a stellium of four celestials in the 6th. The Ascendant of LR is in your natal Seventh House. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune of LR are in the Seventh House of LR. All these combinations are completely consistent with an action of ambush, where somebody lies in wait of you or of one of your loved ones.
The Eleventh House, in terms of aggression and violence of others, is similar to the 7th but it tends to express itself in a weaker tone, I would say: at a lower octave. And Mars of LR is located there.
We must also note that your natal Jupiter is in the 7th, which is often about people who – for any reason – may have something to do with the law, and for a very long time.
Now let me give you possible good news. As you have already written here, in the coming months you will receive two positive transits. If you read them together, they could act as a positive little ‘boon’. I refer to transit Pluto on your natal Sun, and Jupiter on your Descendant. If you be willing to travel and relocate (‘aim’, as I prefer to say) your next birthday, you could potentiate these transits by more than ten times. You should spend your next SR in Nikolski, Alaska. There, Jupiter of SR would be placed very close to the Midheaven of SR, potentially implying possible huge growth and/or emancipation of any kind. Also, Venus of SR would be ‘glued’ to the Descendant of SR – indicating possible important news from authorities, police, etc...
You should be there on the 31st of December 2011, at 6:06 am London time. You can remain there only for fifteen minutes, if you wish, and then leave.
With all my heart I do hope to have been helpful and I apologize once again, if instead I have inadvertently caused further suffering to you.

With my best wishes,
Ciro Discepolo

Published on my blog with the permission of my colleague, Sharon Murch, mother of Michaela and moderator of the newsgroup Astrology 101 of Yahoo.

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